Open+ Recap: Modern in Toronto


As you know, Modern has been through quite the shake-up recently. This past Saturday, amidst the Jund-fiesta that was the Magic Online Championship, the Face to Face Games Open Series rolled through Toronto for one of the first large Modern events since the bannings. 188 People battled with Jace and Bloodbraid Elf in our first Open+ of 2018 with 5k in prizes and and two trips to the StarCityGames Invitational on the line.

Now naturally after sweeping changes to the format one deck reigned supreme atop the event — Merfolk.

Our Modern Open+ Champion Aidan Chee.

Despite bursting our bubble by taking down this tournament in a fresh new format with an old classic in Merfolk, Aidan did have to beat some spicy new stuff to get there. There were two copies of Blue Moon in the Top 8 tuned to maximize Jace, the Mind Sculptor. Daniel Goetschel just can’t seem to lose with that deck, and Omar Beldon is no slouch either. If you’re interested in comboing your Jace with Blood Moon, read Daniel’s guide.

Bloodbraid Elf also made her presence felt in the hands of both Andy Robdrup and Robert D’Aurelio. Jund looked like the most popular deck in the room to me, and was certainly a favourite of the pros at the MOCS.

Maybe the most interesting part of this Top 8 though are the multiple copies of Counters Company. Traditionally, Jund has been hated on pretty hard by Eternal Witness decks, and my assumption is that history repeated itself on Saturday.

Your Modern Open+ Top 8.

Modern is definitely just as wide open as ever, but we can even see a little metagame happening in our Top 8. These Company decks clearly were able to hang with Jund all day, and Merfolk has been able to slide past counterspell decks since the beginning of Modern.

Thank you to everyone who came out to jam Modern with us on Saturday, and congratulations to Aidan on his victory. If you’re in the Toronto-area and are looking to play some Magic this coming weekend come on down to Face to Face Games Toronto for our Team Trios Showdown! It’s sure to be a blast.

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First Place, Aidan Chee- Merfolk

Second Place, Daniel Goetschel- Blue Moon

Third Place, Andy Robdrup- Jund

Fourth Place, Nolan McDonald- Counters Company

Fifth Place, Omar Beldon- Blue Moon

Sixth Place, Eric Li- Counters Company

Seventh Place, Michael Fengler- 8-Rack

Eighth Place, Robert D’Aurelio- G/R Eldrazi