FacetoFaceGames.com’s inaugural Open+ 5k tournament has come and gone and both Quinn Gregg and Taylor Rapien have won themselves invitations and travel vouchers to the next StarCityGames Invitational. Quinn picked up the win when the dust settled and got their second victory in as many Toronto Open events with Eldrazi Tron.

The Top 8 of this event was, well, exactly what you’d expect from Modern—completely wide open. There were seven unique archetypes with E-Tron being the only repeat performer. In my expirience writing these recaps and playing events, Eldrazi Tron is the best performing deck in Modern in the city. This both saddens me because Urza lands beat everything I like to play, and makes me happy because at least I know what I’ve got to beat.

GP Toronto Top 8 competitor Taimur Rashid also cracked the elimination rounds with his Grixis Death’s Shadow list which sported my very own Bitterblossom sideboard technology. Rashid is playing some of the best all-around Magic in the city right now and is going to be a force to look out for at Nationals. Pasha Meshkati continued his dominance of Face to Face Games sanctioned events with yet another Top 8 and Jason Fielder showed that players from Barrie playing Primeval Titan decks are quite good at competing in our Opens.

Rounding out the Top 8 were a blast from the past in Jeskai Nahiri, Joseph Lombardi’s Eldrazi Tron deck he beat me with in the third round and a version of W/R Prison that sports a full 11 Planeswalkers. Looking around the room, I’d say the largest concentration of decks were either G/R Titan decks or Eldrazi Tron for those looking to get a leg-up in testing.

Congratulations again to both Quinn and Taylor on their invites. Our next big event is Nationals on Oct.14 at the International Centre in Toronto. If you’re not qualified for that, we’ll be running another one of these Open+ events on the Sunday that will once again be Modern. It is sure to be one of the biggest weekends of the year for Canadian Magic so don’t forget to pre-register for your event-of-choice !

First Place, Quinn Gregg, Eldrazi Tron

Second Place, Taylor Rapien, Burn

Third Place, Jason Fielder, Breach Titan

Fourth Place, Stephane Obadia, W/R Prison

Fifth Place, Taimur Rashid, Grixis Death’s Shadow

Sixth Place, Pasha Meshkati, U/R Storm

Seventh Place, Joseph Lombardi, Eldrazi Tron

Eighth Place, James Wilson, Jeskai Control