Just a couple weeks prior to Grand Prix Toronto, more than 120 players battled in Team Trios at our FaceToFaceGames.com Open event this past Saturday in Toronto.

This probably won’t catch you off-guard but recent Grand Prix champion and Canadian National champion Kale Thompson was on the winning team.

Devon Giles, Andrew Robdrup and Kale Thompson are you Open champs !

Kale, Andrew Robdrup and Devon Giles took down the event with stellar play all day long. Although, Kale did say that he needed a little more practice with Grixis Delver. Devon was apparently the one carrying the team with his wild take on the Vizier combo in Modern. This deck was apparently running through people all day and looks to be a real contender in the volatile Modern metagame.

We’ve also got a brand new Standard format on our hands and we got a bit of the look at the metagame with the Top 4 on Saturday. We had two different iterations on U/W Teferi decks and two copies of aggressive vehicles decks with black in them. My teammate for the event Ryan Sandrin also played Mono-Green Stompy to a 6-1 record at the event. So far in the format there seems to be a good cycle of these aggressive vehicle decks, green creature decks and Teferi decks. Nobody has found a way to break powerful cards like Mox Amber or Karn yet, but all in all I think Standard is in a healthy spot and it showed this weekend.

Your Team Trios Open Top 8.

The rest of our Top 4 featured even more familiar faces. Swaluk, Gordon and Tubello won the most recent Face to Face Games Toronto Trios Showdown and once again performed well on Saturday. This team is certainly showed to be a force in team events. Tubello in particular seems to be winning a lot with his Jeskai deck.

Our other semifinalists were the brothers Naylor (aka the nicest people on the planet) and Fadi Hirmiz. These guys have been consistent performers in the Toronto area for a while now and played solid decks across the board to their finish.

Our runner-ups were another pair of brothers and another Jeskai Control list in the Modern seat. If you pair these results at the Open on Saturday with the MOCS playoff event from the same day, it looks like Jeskai might just be a good way to counteract the onslaught of Humans in Modern. Maybe that’s the next midrange deck of choice in Modern.

Congrats to Kale, Andrew and Devon on their title. We look forward to seeing all of you in Toronto at Canadian Nationals on the weekend of June 29 – July 1 presented by Ultimate Guard! And if you can’t get enough Team trios and are looking to test a little more before Grand Prix Toronto. Come out to Face to Face Games Toronto this coming Sunday for our 1k Team Trios Showdown. Register here.

First Place: Robdrup, Giles and Thompson

Standard: Andrew Robdrup – U/W Flash

Modern: Devon Giles – Turbo Counters Company

Legacy: Kale Thompson – Grixis Delver

Second Place: Barge, Barge and Carolan

Standard: Spencer Barge – B/R Aggro

Modern: Edward Carolan – Jeskai Control

Legacy: Carter Barge – B/R Reanimator

Third Place: Swaluk, Tubello and Gordon

Standard: Jeff Swaluk – B/W Vehicles

Modern: Simon Tubello – Jeskai Control

Legacy: Andrew Gordon – Elves

Fourth Place: Naylor, Hirmiz and Naylor

Standard: Andrew Naylor – U/W Control

Modern: Fadi Hirmiz – Humans

Legacy: Jamie Naylor – U/W Miracles