Well, I guess all my predictions can’t be on-point. Despite my fortune-telling prowess showing itself prior to Face to Face Toronto’s Team Trios Showdown I wasn’t quite as accurate with my premonitions this time.  With that said, Chris Ha’s ultra-gas team of Face to Face event thrashers did make it all the way to the Top 4 of this event, and Derek Pite, ManaDeprived contributor, and his team took down the whole thing.

Your Team Trios winners.

The Standard portion of this Top 4 is pretty exemplary of where we are in Standard with three energy decks and a random Hazoret deck. In fact, all three formats are in pretty telling positions. You’ve got Red and Energy, E-Tron, Storm and Death’s Shadow and Grixis decks along with Lands in Legacy. I think that’s what’s great about these events is that the teams can work together to come up with good lists and reduce variance due to the team format. Which begs the question—what happened to my pick of extremely professional players Paul Dean, Rich Hoaen and Ben Rubin? Well, they had a middling finish and I’m chalking it up to probably a little too much brewing.

Dean, Hoaen and Rubin.

I’d also like to acknowledge the team of Jeff Swaluk, Andrew Oyen and Jonny Teigesser for being the best looking team in the room and that’s in no way related to the fact that I forgot to include them in my preview. The runner-up team travelled all the way from Buffalo and we had representatives from Kingston in the elimination rounds. More than 150 players showed up, because team Magic is gas.

Our Top 8.

Now, here’s some decklists:

First Place

Derek Pite, Standard- 4C Energy

Jack Cooke, Modern- Grixis Death’s Shadow

Austin Tully, Legacy- Burn

Second Place

Alex Bianchi, Standard- 4C Black Energy

Curtis Guy, Modern- Eldrazi Tron

Matt Ratajczak, Legacy- U/R Delver

Third Place

Liam Kane, Standard- Hazoret Red

Chris Ha, Modern- Abzan

Ryan Myers, Legacy- Lands

Fourth Place

Andy Robdrup, Standard- Temur Energy

Spencer Mazur, Modern- Affinity

Devin Giles, Legacy- Grixis Delver