Pairings, Round #5 – Worth Wollpert

As Magic Online prepares to transition from V3 to the new client, players and streamers are concerned about the stability and quality of the platform. Director for Magic Online Worth Wollpert talks about all that and more in an in-depth and revealing look at his job, his projects and exactly how hard they are working to make the user experience all it can be.

Topics discussed:

– Pre-Wizards, you were a pro player. How did you get into the game, what sort of success have you had, what led to you moving behind the wall?

– What’s your official job title now? What does your day typically look like?

– When you moved over to MTGO, what was the current project? Are you happy with where you are?

– What were the main things in V3 that you wanted the new version of MTGO to fix?

– As one of the public-facing members of the MTGO team, you are the subject of an awful lot of flak. Some is jokingly blaming you for mana screw, but a lot is more vitriolic. Does it bother you?


– There’s a lot of criticism pointed at “the Beta.” I know you read and hear it all. Is most of it fair, in your mind?

– What do you guys have left to fix with new MTGO (I know there’s a lot you can’t say here)?

– MTGO has had more than a few problems with premier play on the client, but can your talk us through your feelings on that infamous weekend when MOCS and a PTQ both crashed?

– Do you still believe taking all the major events down until MTGO was more stable was the right move?

– Despite all the criticism and complaining, legitimate and otherwise, MTGO is bigger than ever to all exterior appearances. That has to feel good.

– Is there any desire within WotC to do something about the intimidating size of online PTQs?

– Is “Grand Prix: Magic Online” even remotely possible?

– You’re known to drop in to people’s streams and troll them with card “donations” when they need a top deck. That’s the best part of your job, right?

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