Check out Part 2 of Peter Ingram's PT Phoenix Top 8 tournament report!
When I left for Players Tour Phoenix I really had no hope to do well.  It was Wednesday night and I was wavering on what deck to play: *Ding* *Ding* *Ding* In the right hand corner, coming in at 150 lbs, we...
This whole Omar Beldon winning every Showdown thing is getting pretty exhausting. Can someone please beat this guy! We're going to have to put a bounty on all his matches if this keeps up! This past Sunday we hosted another...
This past weekend we hosted two massive F2F Tour Pioneer events, one in Hamilton and one in Edmonton. Jump in and check out all the action!
Since it's announcement Pioneer has been flooded with wild decks.  It's a new format, why not brew? But all of them have been quickly ousted by the format's premier aggressive decks. So when Dimir Inverter started picking up popularity while Piotr...
BDM and Zvi recap Zvi's adventures in Phoenix for the Player's Tour
This past weekend at Face to Face Games Toronto we hosted a 1k Team Trios Showdown as part of our weekly Showdown series. Check out what team was able to take it down!
The first stop in F2F Tour history was in Vancouver! Check out what took down our Vancouver Pioneer event!
Ally is diving head first into all of the Constructed all-stars from Theros Beyond Death. Come check out what you need to pick up for your Standard deck !
This past weekend we hosted a Pioneer Showdown as part of our weekly 1k Showdown Series. Check out all the action!

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