This week Dave & Travis discuss the 2020 Events on Arena, and have a chat about prepping for a tournament late in the standard cycle.
This podcast contains no actual modern Mardu Burn list but it does eventually get around to why not. There is extensive Magic talk though as your hosts Brian David-Marshall and Michael J. Flores both had a topic of interest.
The crew discusses the early state of the new Modern world and analyze the first Throne of Eldraine spoilers.
David is back from Magic Fest Vegas with stories and the boys discuss the latest State of the Beta.
The First Strike crew react to the recent bans and share their MagicFest Vegas experience!
Top 8 Magic returns to talk about this year's newly renamed Magic Hall of Fame, swings at some savage rumors, and finishes up on where Modern will be after a trio of key bannings and un-bannings.
Derek Pite returns to the show after winning a Modern 3K with Izzet Phoenix!
David is getting ready for GP Vegas! The boys chat about Travis' Mythic Esper List, M20 Drafting and how to handle rotation on MTG Arena.


After jamming some FNM, BDM and Michael J. Flores talk about the future of WPNQs, PTQs and all things related to the recent OP announcements.
The guys react to the recent OP news, talk Standard and have a discussion on game design.

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