Sunday, September 23, 2018
David & Travis have a preview card from Guilds of Ravnica for you!
KYT, Andy, and Derek couldn't help but bring back Dan Lanthier, who took his trusty UW Control to the top 8 of the SCG Syracuse Modern Open last weekend. Join them as they look at Modern, how the new Guilds of Ravnica cards will affect Standard, and the ramifications of cheating, or alleging cheating.
David & Travis go deep on reading signals in draft.
KYT and Derek welcome GP Detroit top 4 semi-finalist Dan Lanthier back to the show, and are joined by Edgar Magalhaes to discuss what they each gained and learned from Team Unified Modern, the changes to the Pro Tour for 2019, and then look at some of the previewed Guilds of Ravnica cards.
David has solved all of the MTG : Arena economy issues. Also, Travis & Dave have a chat about the new Ravnica mechanics.
Sound the trumpets and rally the troops, the help of the community is needed to help get one of our own towards his date with destiny!
This episode Mike and Josh spend time with Trevor Holness (@tholness), one of the original SVU.
It's Episode 123 and the Eh Team talks recent Magic community drama, and cubing.
Last week, the Eh Team setup their first AMA on Reddit. On Thursday, they answered most of the questions on their Google+ Hangout stream. We have provided both videos for you to watch and a podcast version for you...
Episode 130 sees Medina return to promptly crow about Team Legit member Andrew Shrout's Pro Tour Top 8! In Standard lately, KYT's been playing RWU Auras. Medina's been playing an updated Junk Rites list...