Oh boy, the tokens are flying off the shelves this week and the boys have some fun talking PT FTR, the Modern metagame, what's wrong with MTGO this week, and more.
Scotty and JayBoosh pilot a tandem Eh Team Episode 52 to discuss Innistrad with returning special guest AJ Sacher, and learn why AJ knows nothing about the set despite so many cards having been spoiled.
KYT, Derek, Elliot, Andy and Jonathan return from MagicFest Calgary to discuss the success of the Mythic Invitational, the best decks for Modern, and how to prepare for War of the Spark Limited.
Last Thursday, the Eh Team decided to host their semi-regular Commander Classic. Listen (podcast link available above) or watch (Twitch video available below) Jay, Scott, Medina and Norbert88 (subbing in for KYT) battle it out! Part 1 of 3.http://www.twitch.tv/widgets/archive_embed_player.swfWatch...
This week Kevy and Gumby sit down with JR and talk promo planeswalkers, spoilers, and Salmon Ball!
This episode is about Mike's favourite cards in Theros, the Blue ones and the Gold ones!
Mike and Brian SUPER FOCUS on four Fate Reforged cards in anticipation of next week's multi-part Fate Reforged Save or Delete session.
Episode 172 kicks off with not one, but TWO special guests, with Grand Prix Richmond winner Brian Liu, and an old friend, Jonathan Medina.
KYT was seeking some guidance in M13 Limited so he decided to give two of his MODO grinder friends, Kenji Egashira and Josh Frankel, a call.
In the aftermath of Invocations the boys got to watch excessive commercials every match on stream of the Modern Team GP and talk Amonkhet card impact on Frontier & Standard.

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