Episode 149, with KYT off in Hong Kong, the Eh Team looks at new Standard decks and what they'll see the Pro Tour in Dublin.
It's KYT and Jay Boosh together in front of a live studio audience to record a new episode of the best talk show in Magic, "the J-Team Show!"
The Eh Team take a good look at the first week of Journey into Nyx spoilers, including the new Ajani and the three gods, and the impact they'll have on Standard decks.
The whole Eh Team is together again, and they have Monday's Dragons of Tarkir spoilers to pour over together!
Guest-starring @MTGOFerret and @RealEvilGenius, Matt and Kevy talk Gatecrash spoilers and announce the winner of the "You got Derfed!" contest.
Pro Tour Born of the Gods, how the race for captain of World Magic Cup 2014 Team Canada is now really shaping up to be a race, and the Eh Team proudly introduces... Liquid Mana!
In episode 5 of Crazy Talk, the guys welcome a very special guest: Drew Levin. Together, they explore the Legacy metagame, the viability of burn decks and the future of the Legacy format. They also reveal the secret identity of the Robin Hood of Magic. Someone has to stand up to all those dirtbags!
The boys go deep some Commander variant formats. In addition to Planechase, we touch on Horde, Horde Quest, Tiny Leaders and of course, Oathbreaker.
KYT returns from a successful outage to Grand Prix Ottawa last weekend, playing Khans of Tarkir Limited.
The Esper Professor, Shaheen Soorani, stirs up controversy yet again by suggesting changes for Legacy & Modern.

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