David Savill & Travis Sowers discuss first impressions of Aether Revolt limited.
This week Kevy is off on a secret mission while Marcel drops by and the boys talk Modern Masters 2015 and the SVU gatherings that will occur.
Bryan and Joe returnl for a new run of PTI. Listen to episode #4!
David & Travis enjoy a draft-a-long and chat about cards that were better or worse than they thought in WAR.
Dave & Travis discuss the upcoming Mythic Championship III & Do battle in Hyper Bowl III.
Mike and Roman take a look at the classic strategy of siding in an unexpected permanent type for The Old Switcheroo.
Ethan & Travis have a chat about the state of MTG Arena and discuss upcoming draft formats on MTGO & MTG Arena.
Join the Eh Team with a real live one: Modern Festival with Tribal Zoo, Dragons of Tarkir Limited, Origins spoilers, and... Brad Pitt?
It's Khans spoilers folks, and the boys have Ferret and Marcel on to go DEEP in Khans.
Josh and Jason welcome in some of The Factory's heaviest hitters in Brandon, Trevor, and fan favourite Les to talk about the art of the proxy and its meaning in the game today.

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