Wednesday, January 23, 2019
n Episode 21, the Eh Team reveals why Extended isn't as boring as Standard. They discuss some of the few Mirrodin Besieged spoilers that have appeared so far. The guys also talk about the reactions to Episode 20, and Scott and KYT share how they did in recent Standard tournaments playing the Blue-Green Genesis Wave deck.
The boys talk Pro Tour! Decks, brews, impact if Mardu Cars wins it all, Marvel still the bogey man, and can zombies actually get there?
In this episode, Jay breaks down his prerelease experience with Rakdos and mentions his love for Cubing. Mike Flores joins the boys to discuss OMG and upcoming Standard. Show Notes The Official Miser's Guide by Mike Flores Mike Flores' Evan Erwin is...
David & Travis explore recent criticisms of MTG Arena.
The boys are too hyped to cast effectively but they managed to blurt out some stuff about Archenemy, Frontier brews, and what is the best deck to play in side events.
Ep 86 is all about Standard and KYT took down the Ottawa leg of the Canadian Magic Tour!
Dave & Travis have a Magic Online & MTG Arena wishlist to share! They also make Magic New Years Resolutions & answer a listener question, "How do you stay focused in a format you no longer consider fun." Happy New Year from the Men from MODO!
Welcome back to YOUR SVU cast! In episode 13 we return from a summer hiatus to an open call for guests.
Mike and Brian meet at The Uncommons in NYC for Brian's Emergents: Genesis event!
Robert Martin's one-one-one with Alex Bertoncini.

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