Jonathan Medina vs. Scott MacCallum over the price of From the Vault: Relics. This is really, REALLY late-night footage that did not make the show. It was so late JayBoosh was in bed. Uncut and unedited, the extra footage is right here! Episode 3 Extra - From the Vault: Relics...
Mike did an interview with Osyp about his G/W win at SCG Baltimore.
David and Travis go over the most recent "State of the Beta" for MTG Arena.
David Savill & Travis Sowers chat about their first experiences with Ixalan.
Robert Vroman’s been out of the game for a while, but his Vintage innovation carved out a place for him in Magic’s history.
Dave, Travis and returning guest Tomi discuss the upcoming Holiday Cube! Tomi guides us through various archetypes and then teaches us the mysteries of storm!
Brian David-Marshall and Marshall Sutcliffe wander the streets of Seattle, and record a podcast!
It feels like it has taken most of the summer but BDM and MichaelJ are finally reunited for a new episode of the longest running Magic podcast.
Welcome to Ep. 33 with special guest, Pro Tour veteran Matthias Hunt. The Eh Team discuss their Nats Q results which saw KYT earn a Nationals Invite with Cawblade! The guys share their reactions to the New Phyrexia godbook being spoiled so early, and look through it to pick out goodies for the upcoming STD and EDH formats.
As per all employees of ManaDeprived, Scotty Mac does his time in the cave with the boys and they talk MODERN bannings, deck ideas, Faeries and just how powerful are they really, and they wrap up with some fan questions.

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