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In this week's episode, we talked with Magic financier Jason E Alt about swimming, spread, sausages, and much more (okay, we didn't talk about sausages).
Erin Campbell is a self-described handful. Before she was hosting her Magic interview podcast, The Deck Tease on GatheringMagic.com, she was tearing up World of Warcraft and blogging all about it. Oh, and she’s a trangendered woman to boot.
Before he was a world-traveling, freelance-filmmaking co-creator of Walking the Planes, Nathan Holt was a giant, basketball-playing theatre geek who worked odd jobs between roles.
Robert Vroman’s been out of the game for a while, but his Vintage innovation carved out a place for him in Magic’s history.
Usman Jamil's about as St. Louis as it gets, with his part Pakistani, part Indian, part nerd upbringing and all. In this week's episode, my roommate John joins us after a late night of 20 Questions, Cubing, Pauper EDH, and drinking.
Armed with a silky voice, sharp business sense, and rough past, Marcel White has made a name for himself in the community as a financial podcaster, above-average player, and media wiz.
On this week's episode of Across the Table, Matt Mendoza interviews GGsLive's Rashad Miller!
Across the Table's first returning guest, John Penick, recently finished 2nd at Grand Prix Oklahoma City.
From all the way in Prince Rupert, BC, Canada, Rob Gruber and Across the Table talked about gaming, generational Dungeons and Dragons, both kinds of exercise, and much more.
Adam Styborski works harder than you. Between his marketing gig at Geico, traveling to tournaments for Wizards, managing GatheringMagic.com, being a dad and a husband, and the laundry, he’s a busy guy.

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