Adam Styborski works harder than you. Between his marketing gig at Geico, traveling to tournaments for Wizards, managing GatheringMagic.com, being a dad and a husband, and the laundry, he’s a busy guy.
Matthew “Ogre” Stevens has made quite the reputation for himself buying, selling, and trading Magic cards in North America...
Live at GenCon, Across the Table interviews Legion Events, Supplies, and Games owner Steve Port.
On this week's episode of Across the Table, Matt Mendoza interviews GGsLive's Rashad Miller!
ManaDeprived.com welcomes Matt Mendoza's interview podcast. For his debut at his new home, he interviews artist Julie Baroh.
Live from GenCon... I first knew Level 1 Judge Michael Arrowsmith as the guy I never wanted to meet in a fight.
In this week's episode, we talked with Magic financier Jason E Alt about swimming, spread, sausages, and much more (okay, we didn't talk about sausages).
Before he was a world-traveling, freelance-filmmaking co-creator of Walking the Planes, Nathan Holt was a giant, basketball-playing theatre geek who worked odd jobs between roles.
Across the Table sits down with Grand Prix Detroit Champion Josh McClain to talk about success, failure, parental disappointment, and school.
Across the Table's first returning guest, John Penick, recently finished 2nd at Grand Prix Oklahoma City.

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