Dave & Travis discuss the latest Arena news and the shape of the new standard environment.
David & Travis talk about Esper Control in Standard and why you should be trying out this deck. Then Travis has an assertions : Every game is Candy Land or Chess.
KYT was seeking some guidance in M13 Limited so he decided to give two of his MODO grinder friends, Kenji Egashira and Josh Frankel, a call.
David & Travis present the intro course for drafting. If you're not sure how to pick the "right" cards, or are feeling intimidated at the prospect of trying your first draft, this is the episode for you.
David & Travis review all of the White & Blue cards from War of the Spark for limited play.
Dave & Travis talk about narrow cards in limited. How has a flattened power level changed what "unplayable" means these days?
Dave and Travis have a draft-a-long and discuss early RNA experiences.
David & Travis have the latest news about the MTG Arena Beta as well as a mini Dominaria Draft primer!
David & Travis dive in to the new Ultimate Masters Draft set, available on MTGO December 6th.
David and Travis go over the most recent "State of the Beta" for MTG Arena.

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