Thursday, September 19, 2019
Dave & Travis chat about Arena updates and a new way to look at draft personalities.
David & Travis review all of the Black & Multi-coloured cards from War of the Spark for limited play.
Technical Difficulties left the Men from MODO unable to record an episode, so they though... "Let's do it LIVE!" Enjoy the replay from Semulin's stream! In this episode Dave & Travis are joined by MODO grinder Rladnier for some draft advice focused on sending signals.
David & Travis bring you a draft along with the new set, and some advice / data points from Arena drafts.
David & Travis return to the arena to discuss recent news and thoughts on the MPL.
Dave & Travis have a chat about standard on MTG Arena and chronicle Travis' deck brewing experiences.
KYT, NumotTheNummy, and solebush1 reunite to give you their early thoughts on Theros Limited. You can find us on Magic Online at: manadeprived - Kar Yung Tom NumotTheNummy - Kenji Egashira solebush1 - Josh Frankel You can find us on Twitter at: @kytmagic - Kar...
David & Travis discuss have a chat about the millions of planeswalkers headed our way with War of the Spark!
David & Travis have four cards from the upcoming Dominaria set to preview for you! It looks like we have a limited archetype appearing....
David & Travis explore recent criticisms of MTG Arena.

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