KYT, Travis Sowers, and Josh Frankel discuss everything M15 Limited as some of them are scheduled to play at Grand Prix Portland this weekend.
KYT, Kenji, and Josh talk about their experience at Grand Prix Montreal where the three of them were able to make Day 2. Two of them were a win from top 8.
KYT, NumotTheNummy, and solebush1 come back yet again to bring you Limited content to prepare yourself for the upcoming Born of the Gods prereleases.
KYT, NumotTheNummy, and solebush1 reunite to give you their early thoughts on Theros Limited. You can find us on Magic Online at: manadeprived - Kar Yung Tom NumotTheNummy - Kenji Egashira solebush1 - Josh Frankel You can find us on Twitter at: @kytmagic - Kar...
Josh Frankel tutors KYT on how to approach the Limited land of multi-colored cards. Tune in for a chance to win a MODO draft set!
KYT and Josh Frankel review the awesome time they got to spend together at the Grand Prix in Boston. Though neither of them cashed, Josh made his weekend matter when he top 8ed the TCG Platinum Qualifier on Day...
KYT is at it against with Josh Frankel and Kenji Egashira as KYT and Josh prepare for the upcoming weekend that is GP Boston.
KYT returns with Kenji Egashira and Josh Frankel as they break down more cards for M13 Limited.
KYT was seeking some guidance in M13 Limited so he decided to give two of his MODO grinder friends, Kenji Egashira and Josh Frankel, a call.

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