The boys go deep on the legendary creatures and artifacts from the newly minted Throne of Eldraine.
The boys go sit down with DJ from the Jumbo Commander YouTube Channel.
The boys go deep on a card that had a significant roll in getting other cards banned in Standard.
The boys go deep on a once powerful standard deck, 5 Color Control!
Theboys are kicking off a new Arc and reaching back in time to when old decks used to be good!
The boys are recording from their hotel room on the trip back home from Magic Fest Las Vegas.
The boys finish up their review of the newly minted Commander 2019 product.
The boys go deep on all of the legendary creatures in newly minted Commander 2019 product coming out at the end of the week.
The boys wrap up the Arc of No Lists.
The boys go deep some Commander variant formats. In addition to Planechase, we touch on Horde, Horde Quest, Tiny Leaders and of course, Oathbreaker.

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