The crew is back from competing at Players Tour Phoenix and share lessons they have learned.
Isaak Krut, Roy Yang & David Rood join the show!
The guys discuss top secret Pioneer tech, react to the most recent Modern bans an reveal their Theros: Beyond Death top 5!
Robert Lombardi returns to the show for a special Christmas episode.
Tyler Nightingale joins the show fresh off his WPNQ Finals win with Jeskai Fires.
It's the MC Richmond Aftermath show! Andrew Huska joins the show having finished in the top 16 with the best Constructed record!
The guys react to the latest Standard ban, PIoneer and discuss the future of digital MTG.
Shaheen Soorani joined the show to chat Standard and to tell us what he thinks the best deck in Modern is. Is it Emry Ascendancy?
Tariq Patel joins the show after 2 top 8s with Legacy Hogaak and the crew discusses what they're going to play at upcoming Modern PTQs.
Fresh from winning GP Atlanta with Ad Nauseam Tendrils, Cyrus Corman-Gill joins the First Strike crew!

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