KYT, Elliot, and Andy are joined by Jonathan Medina as they look at which decks in Modern will benefit from the London mulligan, co-streaming the Mythic Invitational, and all those War of the Spark planeswalkers.
KYT, Andy, Derek, Elliot, and Jon are joined by Marcus Thibeault so we have not one but TWO people qualified for the first Mythic Championship! Also, stay tuned right to the last for the exclusive free official Ravnica Allegiance preview card, Cult Guildmage!
KYT, Elliot, Derek, and Andy look back at the weekend in Cleveland, including Standard and Limited conclusions, as well as the best path to the pro tour, and a lengthy heated debate on who is the greatest of all time and why!
KYT, Elliot, Derek, Andy, and Jonathan meet up to make predictions for the impact of the London Mulligan on Modern, and which cards they want to see reprinted in Modern Horizons.
Elliot, Derek, and Andy look at Ravnica Allegiance sealed in the wake of Grand Prix New Jersey, Modern decks, and find lots to get excited about in the MTG Arena Mythic Invitational Announcement.
KYT, Derek, and Andy welcome the Affinity master himself, Alex Majlaton to talk about Affinity in the Jace Modern, as well as discussing playing after bans, and the new Magic 25 Limited format.
KYT, Robert, and Andy Robdrup meet up with Jonathan Medina to talk about GP New Jersey, the new Challenger decks for Standard, and how to improve everything from Magic tournament video to the Grand Prix experience.
KYT, Elliot, Derek, Andy, and Jonathan talk about their experiences at Magic Fest Toronto, the Modern metagame, and a Prerelease as a Grand Prix???
KYT, Elliot, Derek, Andy, and Jonathan talk about their expectations for the first Mythic Championship in Cleveland, the Standard metagame, and MSRP.
KYT welcomes amazing streamer Travis "Semulin" Sowers, Rob Lombardi and Vince D'Agostino to debate early lessons from Hour of Devastation limited, to whether feeding the hive mind decklists is really what is killing Standard?

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