KYT, Derek, Elliot, and Jonathan are joined by MCQ-winning Brian "BoSu" Su to look at Esper Heroes, the Standard metagame, and what did Gerry Thompson do to the Magic Pro League?
Shawn Dhaliwal just top-8ed GP Madison and joins the show to talk WAR Limited. Markus Thibeau talks Mono Red after winning an MCQ this past weekend.
KYT, Derek, Andy, and Jonathan are joined by Kelly Ackermann from Face to Face Games Toronto, Edgar Magalhaes "the Amulet Savant", and Attila Fur, winner of MF Calgary to discuss the new F2F store in Toronto, Amulet Titan territory, and Modern trends for MC London.
KYT, Derek, Elliot, Andy, and Jonathan are joined by Michael Rapp, GP Toronto champion, to look at Grixis Death's Shadow, pros switching published decks, and which deck is on the rise in Standard?
KYT, Robert, joined by ManaDeprived.com streamers Derek "Trophy Hunter" Pite and Travis "Semulin" Sowers, have the pleasure to introduce ManaDeprived's official preview card, Wayward Swordtooth!
The first weekend of Aether Revolt Standard is in the books, and KYT moderates the debate topics between Robert Lombardi and Vince D'Agostino.
Elliot, Andy, and Derek are joined by Edgar Magalhaes on the show after a nearly triumphant result at Canadian Nationals last weekend to take Dominaria draft, the Standard metagame, and where the banhammer did and didn't fall.
Welcome to the inaugural episode of First Strike podcast! KYT, Doug Potter, and Robert Lombardi debate everything from the World Magic Cup to underrated Canadian players.
In this episode, KYT along with Robert Lombardi and Vince D'Agostino, welcome Grand Prix Pittsburgh Top 8 competitor Daniel Fournier to talk about Jeskai Saheeli in the post-Pro Tour Standard.
KYT, Andy, Derek, and Rob chat with Morgan McLaughlin about his 9th place finish at Pro Tour Dominaria, the Standard deck he chose, and some of the judge calls on coverage.

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