KYT, Rob Lombardi, and Vince D'Agostino welcome special guest First Strike Nation member Sergio Ferry, who made 9th place at last weekend's Grand Prix Atlanta playing Grixis Midrange in Standard!
Doug Potter leads the discussions with Robert Lombardi and Vince D'Agostino, covering everything from Standard to why MTGO needs more Phantom Drafts.
KYT, Robert, and Bryan shuffle up their opinions on the Mardu Vehicle-heavy top 8 from the most recent SCG Open, Amonkhet Sealed as a format, and even Frontier.
Captain Canada himself moderates the debate between Pro Tour and Grand Prix stalwart Bryan Gottlieb, and Robert Lombardi of Hamilton.
KYT, Rob, and Derek are joined by guests Bryan Gottlieb and Connor Bryant, to cover new game board layout policy changes, and how Dominaria is already changing Modern, Standard, and Limited.
KYT, Robert Lombardi, Bryan Gottlieb, and Vince D'Agostino get together to debate Standard Pro Tour diversity, MTGO PTQ changes, and those leaked Hour of Devastation spoilers!
Robert Lombardi, Bryan Gottlieb, and KYT is back to talk with special guest, Mani Davoudi (@zapgaze), winner of the Grand Prix Las Vegas Modern event, and to reveal the exclusive HOU preview card, Hollow One!
KYT moderates the discussion between Bryan Gottlieb and Doug Potter, as they cover Grand Prix Admission costs, a widening Standard metagame, and a weird Amonkhet spoiler card.
KYT, Derek, and Andy take First Strike to the late night slot, with topics like how to next-level Raff Capashen in Dominaria draft, a new home for Geist of Saint Traft in Modern, and riding the Blue-Black train in Standard.
In this episode, KYT along with Robert Lombardi and Vince D'Agostino, welcome Grand Prix Pittsburgh Top 8 competitor Daniel Fournier to talk about Jeskai Saheeli in the post-Pro Tour Standard.

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