KYT, Robert, and Vince have something to say about the pre-Amonkhet Banned & Restricted announcements, and share their experiences with the new Limited format.
KYT, Bryan, and Robert are itching to get into Amonkhet Standard, and share the questions on their minds leading into the Amonkhet Prerelease weekend.
First Strike is joined by Mike Linneman, who shares his plans for the Magic Art Show for GP Vegans and the crew unveils two new Amonkhet preview cards!
First Strike welcomes the Expensive Sorcery Master himself, none other than Shaheen Soorani, as he joins Robert Lombardi and Vince D'Agostino to debate all the Magic news from Team Unified Modern to new Amonkhet cards.
First Strike works their way through the new mechanics of Amonkhet to controversial opinions over the Pro Tour Hall of Fame.
KYT moderates the discussion between Bryan Gottlieb and Doug Potter, as they cover Grand Prix Admission costs, a widening Standard metagame, and a weird Amonkhet spoiler card.
Three First Strikers went to Grand Prix New Jersey, and one battled all the way to 8th place!
In this episode, KYT welcomes guest Chantelle Campbell, Grand Prix Vancouver 24th place and Play It Forward winner!
KYT is joined by GP Vancouver Top 8 finisher Jon Stern to fiercely debate MTG topics with Robert Lombardi and Bryan Gottlieb, and reveal a Modern Masters 2017 preview card: Molten Rain!
KYT along with Doug Potter and Bryan Gottlieb, welcome Grand Prix Vancouver Top 8 competitor Gerry Thompson to the show!

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