Saturday, April 4, 2020
Tariq Patel joins the show after 2 top 8s with Legacy Hogaak and the crew discusses what they're going to play at upcoming Modern PTQs.
Fresh from winning GP Atlanta with Ad Nauseam Tendrils, Cyrus Corman-Gill joins the First Strike crew!
The crew discusses the early state of the new Modern world and analyze the first Throne of Eldraine spoilers.
The First Strike crew react to the recent bans and share their MagicFest Vegas experience!
Derek Pite returns to the show after winning a Modern 3K with Izzet Phoenix!
The First Strike crew welcome a plethora of guests to break down the latest Organized Play news and the Modern format.
SCG champion Dom Harvey and Mythic Champs semifinalist Sean Gifford join the the First Strike crew to talk about their triumphant weekends.
MTGO MCQ Champion Andy Robdrup and SCG Philly Champion Shaheen Soorani talk about their championship weekends!
Shaheen Soorani joins First Strike to talk about the state of competitive MTG before all of them dive into Modern.
KYT, Andy, and Jonathan are joined by MTGO legend Daniel Goetschel to discuss electronic MtG in bricks and mortar stores, the Modern metagame for MC Barcelona, and the pitfalls of Modern Horizons draft.

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