KYT, Elliot, Derek, and Andy look back at the weekend in Cleveland, including Standard and Limited conclusions, as well as the best path to the pro tour, and a lengthy heated debate on who is the greatest of all time and why!
KYT, Elliot, Derek, Andy, and Jonathan talk about their expectations for the first Mythic Championship in Cleveland, the Standard metagame, and MSRP.
KYT, Elliot, Derek, Andy, and Jonathan talk about their experiences at Magic Fest Toronto, the Modern metagame, and a Prerelease as a Grand Prix???
Elliot, Derek, and Andy look at Ravnica Allegiance sealed in the wake of Grand Prix New Jersey, Modern decks, and find lots to get excited about in the MTG Arena Mythic Invitational Announcement.
KYT, Derek, and Andy are joined by Shaheen Soorani, who first predicted on First Strike last year that KCI would be the piece to be banned from that deck. How will Modern look without KCI, how will Standard look after this weekend, and is playing on MtG Arena better than MTGO?
KYT, Derek, Andy, and Elliot are joined by SCG Leaderboard warrior, and Toronto ex-pat, Tariq Patel, to discuss the fate of KCI in Modern, the strategic importance of taking the draw, and Top 5 Picks for Ravnica Allegiance.
KYT, Andy, Derek, Elliot, and Jon are joined by Marcus Thibeault so we have not one but TWO people qualified for the first Mythic Championship! Also, stay tuned right to the last for the exclusive free official Ravnica Allegiance preview card, Cult Guildmage!
KYT, Andy, Derek, Elliot, and Jonathan celebrate Elliot's top 4 Modern victory at the RPTQ to earn a spot in the very first Mythic Championship.
The First Strike crew gives their first impressions on the $10 million dollars announcement.
KYT, Andy, Derek, Jonathan, and Elliot explore what impact general entry fees might have on Grand Prix attendance, what deck to play in Modern for the upcoming RPTQs, the state of Standard, and a DQ at Grand Prix Warsaw.

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