Tuesday, January 22, 2019
After an exhaustive judging panel, the boys have come to a decisive top 10 HMSVU Boozecube cards. Congratulations to all!
This week ScottyMac and The BoozeCube join the crew to talk finalists for the contest, favourite Booze Cube stories, and wrap up with some Slivers talk and Kevy's wild Birthday Adventures.
This week the boys are short a RagingGumby, but they make it up by going deep on #BFZ Art, The Goyf Bet, and Alternate Art Card prices.
This week the boys talk Dragons, Commander Rules, Cube cards, and of course slide down your ever-favourite hole.
TSG drops by the cave this week as we cover ourselves in olive oil, drink wine and wrestle Theros teasers.
The Saturday of #GPCrest, HM has everyone in the same room for the first time doing a recording live from The Dungeon!
As Modern prices continue to spiral out of control, the boys in the cave wanted to know why, so they asked MaRo to come on the show. Alas, Jason E Alt showed up instead.
Matty's back from giving birth to Guatemalan River spiders as the boys crash the cave and find @tnsGingerAle sitting there.
It's the start of Battle for Zendikar spoilers and the boys jump in deep this week, recapping worlds, and talking Pax.
It's time to talk PT Fate Reforged with the old cave crew: changes to Worlds, best modern decks, and the Modern format.

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