Let me know if you need MORE drinks - you're going to need 'em to finish this episode! In this epic 3-hr cast, Marcel swings by the cave with Ferret and the boys as they talk Dragon's Maze spoilers: is...
In the first ever spontaneous no planning episode, the guys just fire up Skype and let what may happen... happen. With Jack Lacroix AND Conley Woods.
Straight from the new KYT CAVE this week, Matt and Kevy talk Gatecrash and testing on the Gatecrash MTGO beta.
Heavy Meta Episode #8 Masters of Subliminal Cheats & Profanity Deep on MTGO Finance, Swearing & Sweaty Hands In this week's episode Matty and Kevy bring in the Ferret and go deep into MTGO financial discussions about when to get out of RTR before...
This week the boys dive head first down the art hole with non other than @VorthosMike.
The boys apparently started a fuss with some leaked gang signs for Khans this week but it was all a Twitter misunderstanding. Go figure. Regardless of the troubles Mr. Metal gets in the boys put on a great show...
This week the crew talk Dragons spoilers, MDSS reports, and Randy ruins cube.
Tristan and Kevy are finally joined by Chef Tony (APPLAUSE!!) to talk more Eternal Masters and the health of the Modern format
This week, TSG the cube master himself brings along his young cube padawan Luke Narynan to the cave to school the boys on all things Cube!
This episode, HeavyMeta assembles a Voltron of SVU to plan for the GP Las Vegas weekend.

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