This week the boys talk PT Dragons, the amazing new Vegas playmat and well, then they decide it's a slow week and they go deep on the strange and wonderful hole that is Twitter.
All hail our new looter scooter overlord. The post rotation meta has hit eject on Chandra and we get a breakdown on what happened to our lady in red.
So many shiny things! Can your eyes (and wallet) handle it? Well Gumby, Tony and TSG are here to make sense of the glaringly awesome reveal of the Kaladesh Masterpieces.
After a short break, and not for lack of trying, Heavy Meta returns with schemes a-plenty.
This week the boys talk Dragons, Commander Rules, Cube cards, and of course slide down your ever-favourite hole.
This week the cast is joined by Micheal Pawliuk and Aaron Kasprkaz. They combine strengths with Tony to cram a wad of Legacy info down Kevy's throat.
This week the boys talk latest SCG Invitational results, new Standard brews, shout out some of the best of the SVU, address the TSG situation, and then head deep into the Twitter hole.
It's a new year and the boys are talking Oath of the Gatewatch spoilers, Star Wars, and more!
The boys are deep in Fate Reforged spoilers this week, and Kevy cast from his truck.
It appears the cave door was left open and people just kept walking in. So much for security. In this episode, Ferret shocks himself about a million times on the electric fence, an Evil Genius starts us off 'til...

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