Wednesday, August 15, 2018
The boys sit down with the Boozecube and talk BFZ spoilers, Elder Drunken Highlander spoilers, and GPCrest!
This week the boys are short a RagingGumby, but they make it up by going deep on #BFZ Art, The Goyf Bet, and Alternate Art Card prices.
It's time to talk PT Fate Reforged with the old cave crew: changes to Worlds, best modern decks, and the Modern format.
It's a new year and the boys are talking Oath of the Gatewatch spoilers, Star Wars, and more!
This week, despite Skype trying to shut them down, the boys struggle through and talk the Face to Face Invitational, FTV Angels, Duel Decks, and what's wrong with MTGO this week.
Gatecrash Dropping Like a Rock Gatecrash hits MTGO this week then promptly started falling faster in price than any other set ever on MTGO. Except for a few cards like Gyre Sage and Boros Reckoner, most of GTC can be bought...
The cave is graced this week by the holiest of holy angels in this episode. The crew talk FTV20, Worlds coverage, Heather's view of #MedinaGate, and mostly just laugh our asses off.
This week the boys talk Dragons, Commander Rules, Cube cards, and of course slide down your ever-favourite hole.
This week, TSG the cube master himself brings along his young cube padawan Luke Narynan to the cave to school the boys on all things Cube!
In the first ever spontaneous no planning episode, the guys just fire up Skype and let what may happen... happen. With Jack Lacroix AND Conley Woods.