The boys sit down with their Canadian lawyer and rules guru and talk GP Montreal and discuss current MTG drama including women in MTG, the reasons why you should Leavitt alone, and also spoilers, we even found some time...
In this week's happy holiday episode, Matt and Kevy talk playing test brews of Werewolf Turbo Fog, RWb Planeswalkers madness and other crazy fun.
Matt and Kevy have Nick Vigabool (MrVigabool) and Mike Grote (@mtgoferret) on to talk Standard metagame, MTGO financials, and Twitter hashtag policing.
This week the boys get together to go over their experience of Pro Tour Kaladesh and its surprisingly healthy metagame.
The full Born of the Gods spoiler is almost complete, so the boys had resident set reviewer TSG over for some spoiler review.
This week on Heavy Meta the cast is joined by Josh Krause to drop some hype on his newest line of Classic Art Tokens on Kickstarter.
It's the start of Battle for Zendikar spoilers and the boys jump in deep this week, recapping worlds, and talking Pax.
It's a new year and the boys are talking Oath of the Gatewatch spoilers, Star Wars, and more!
Seems the cat is away this week, so the boys invited over the Money Draught crew to have a few and talk MTG Finance, PT viewership, Modern bans, and more! WARNING! ADULT CONTENT
The crew gets some Montreal Steak Spice this episode with the salty Frankie Richards and the Crunchy Mtg Brainstorm as the crew talks Medina Fallout, ripping up cards and the ramifications of doing so, then Theros & Worlds.

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