Sunday, November 18, 2018
This week ScottyMac and The BoozeCube join the crew to talk finalists for the contest, favourite Booze Cube stories, and wrap up with some Slivers talk and Kevy's wild Birthday Adventures.
After a short break, and not for lack of trying, Heavy Meta returns with schemes a-plenty.
Your metal overlord RobotLarge graces the cave this week as the crew talk MTGO prices, getting out of Innistrad, how MTGO could give casts the ability to run their own themed tournaments, and more!
From the gutters of Ghirapur, Heavy Meta is back again to give you the bum's rush on Kaladesh.
Matty's back from giving birth to Guatemalan River spiders as the boys crash the cave and find @tnsGingerAle sitting there.
Kevy and Tristan are joined by the JR, The Time Elemental to discuss everything from the B&R update to the deteriorating architecture of Los Angeles.
Redemption goes up! In this week's show, Matty and Kevy talk the ridiculous price increase in redemption on MTGO and the impact it will cause to the game. Also, Matty offers his solutions on how to handle it and wonders...
So many shiny things! Can your eyes (and wallet) handle it? Well Gumby, Tony and TSG are here to make sense of the glaringly awesome reveal of the Kaladesh Masterpieces.
It's all peace and love as the Smooth Brothas themselves head down into the bowels of the cave to talk MtG.
With poor Matty out of commission this wee, Kevy is joined by friend of the show TSG, and none other than Ryan Bushard from Brainstorm Brewery!