Monday, September 23, 2019
It's all peace and love as the Smooth Brothas themselves head down into the bowels of the cave to talk MtG.
All the boys are together again finally and the cave quickly gets filthy...
In this EPIC 2-hour cast, Matt and Kevy answer no holds barred questions dealing with MTGO, budget Standard decks, dealing up as Thalia, and sharking kids.
This week the boys talk the Fate Reforged Pre PRE Release, the Ben Stark comments, and Cube updates.
It's our favourite time of year in the cave, when it's cold outside but warm inside--because Kevy is starting a fire.
TSG and Kevy sit down to have a nice little fireside chat about everything including hockey, real life, the future and of course, MTGSOI spoilers
We start this episode off with the winners of the Boozecube Contest, a quick MTGO finance report on hot cards, and then start in on the Pro Tour this weekend...
Matty is still away questing, but the Booze Cube shows up to pick the contest winners.
This week, TSG the cube master himself brings along his young cube padawan Luke Narynan to the cave to school the boys on all things Cube!
Your metal overlord RobotLarge graces the cave this week as the crew talk MTGO prices, getting out of Innistrad, how MTGO could give casts the ability to run their own themed tournaments, and more!

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