This week the boys talk PT Dragons, the amazing new Vegas playmat and well, then they decide it's a slow week and they go deep on the strange and wonderful hole that is Twitter.
In the first ever spontaneous no planning episode, the guys just fire up Skype and let what may happen... happen. With Jack Lacroix AND Conley Woods.
In this episode, Tristan and Kevy talk Boozecube, Planechase and Eternal Masters.
Guest-starring @MTGOFerret and @RealEvilGenius, Matt and Kevy talk Gatecrash spoilers and announce the winner of the "You got Derfed!" contest.
Brainstorm Brewery and Heavy Meta join forces to bring you a very special joint podcast.that will leave you asking “Why didn’t I go to Vegas?”
This week the crew recounts Halloween tales, Commander 2014 Cube picks, Legacy MTGO Cube and then somehow . . . Spray Foam Apocalypse!
This week the crew welcomes Jeremey Schofield to the show, and they talk new Theros spoilers, how Jeremey became a judge, and how you break into the program and the perks of being one.
It's almost PRERE and the boys are brewing on the Beta and excited for the BFZ Prereleases.
In this week's episode, Matty and Kevy discuss going from paper to fully online and then back again with redemption
This week, Tony and Kevy are reunited with everybody's favorite Grapplesaurus-Rex, Raging Gumby!!

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