Saturday, April 4, 2020
The crew looks up from their phones long enough to record an episode! Modern, Eldritch Moon, and Pokemon Go.
Tonight the boys have the man himself @theBoozeCube on to talk Boozecube contest entries, and pick the Community Winner!
It's Worlds week, and the boys in the cave talk Worlds, what token designation the fans want them to be, new hoodies, and more.
In the most sexually charged episode ever Erin Campbell from the Deck Tease drops in on the sweltering cave and the boys get teased to the max.
It's the start of Battle for Zendikar spoilers and the boys jump in deep this week, recapping worlds, and talking Pax.
The boys are deep in Fate Reforged spoilers this week, and Kevy cast from his truck.
Matt and Kevy talk about the speculation of Commander's Arsenal, store owners and their plans for GP Vegas.
This week the boys discover Urban Dictionary and explore some of the more obscure terms of social progress. Oh, and Treasure Cruise Burn.
Brainstorm Brewery and Heavy Meta join forces to bring you a very special joint podcast.that will leave you asking “Why didn’t I go to Vegas?”
The gang is back again and boy do they get fired up in a hurry. Tony has quite the tale of GPMontreal, FTV:Lore gets the TSG treatment, Kevy learns to save people but really just wants to shoot guns,...

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