Kevy, Gumby, and Tristan are back from a two week radio silence!
This week @Aw3someEveryDay drops by the cave to talk about the #greenMachine modern deck, SDCC PW Cards, being so awesome and more.
It's a new year & a new HeavyMeta as the boys cast during NY eve, talking Fate Reforged spoilers, MTGO, cast nights, and then Kevy shows up before the ball drops!
WARNING: Rude Content Ahead! In one of the wackiest episodes in a long time, Erin from the Deck Tease slides in to enlighten the boys about . . well . . we will just cut it right there.
All the boys are together again finally and the cave quickly gets filthy...
This week ScottyMac and The BoozeCube join the crew to talk finalists for the contest, favourite Booze Cube stories, and wrap up with some Slivers talk and Kevy's wild Birthday Adventures.
As per all employees of ManaDeprived, Scotty Mac does his time in the cave with the boys and they talk MODERN bannings, deck ideas, Faeries and just how powerful are they really, and they wrap up with some fan questions.
It's Pro Tour GTC Talk!The boys have a packed cave tonight as Nina and Ferret both drop in to talk #PTGTC. The crew talks about the decks, the play and the coverage itself. Matty talks about the new #FTV20...
In this week's episode, the boys take a slew of crazy questions from the fans as they down Kraken the whole time. It's a wild ride, so strap in now!
Seems the cat is away this week, so the boys invited over the Money Draught crew to have a few and talk MTG Finance, PT viewership, Modern bans, and more! WARNING! ADULT CONTENT

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