TSG drops by the cave this week as we cover ourselves in olive oil, drink wine and wrestle Theros teasers.
This week Kevy is off on a secret mission while Marcel drops by and the boys talk Modern Masters 2015 and the SVU gatherings that will occur.
Gumby and Kevy throw a little drunken cast together after Pre-re Origins and have some of the SVU come on and share their experiences.
This week the boys travel one week into the future and do the last half of the year in review 2014 show!
This week the boys bring on Caleb from Red 6 to talk PT, Eldrazi, Vorthos rumors, and twitter hole.
It's a new year & a new HeavyMeta as the boys cast during NY eve, talking Fate Reforged spoilers, MTGO, cast nights, and then Kevy shows up before the ball drops!
It's a new year with post-turkey hangovers for all in the cave, but the boys carry on. In this week's episode, Slick Jagger and MMotyka drop by as they are snowed in and the crew talk Kiora, 2014 picks,...
In this week's episode, the boys take a slew of crazy questions from the fans as they down Kraken the whole time. It's a wild ride, so strap in now!
Streamer extraordinaire Mr. ScottyMac drops by the cave to chat with the boys about big events, MTGO beta, Pre-re, and more.
This week the boys talk Pro Tour fallout, Master of Waves speculation misses, hits and uglies in this humongous 3- hr cast.

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