All the boys are together again finally and the cave quickly gets filthy...
Somehow the wily Derfington got himself out of his cage and the boys decided they might as well talk to him before putting him back in.
The boys sit down with their Canadian lawyer and rules guru and talk GP Montreal and discuss current MTG drama including women in MTG, the reasons why you should Leavitt alone, and also spoilers, we even found some time...
This week the boys talk the Fate Reforged Pre PRE Release, the Ben Stark comments, and Cube updates.
This week Kevy is off on a secret mission while Marcel drops by and the boys talk Modern Masters 2015 and the SVU gatherings that will occur.
Matty's back from giving birth to Guatemalan River spiders as the boys crash the cave and find @tnsGingerAle sitting there.
It's Time to Get Filthy As if Heavy Meta were not classy enough, the man, the myth, the legend, BIG JACK LACROIX drops in on the cave, and the boys take shots while they ramble. Topics range from Cockatrice shutting...
Poor Kevy is out with Guatamalan spider disease this week, so Matty called in the best of the best for this week's ep to fill in: Jack LaCroix and Martin Brunet.
It's spoiler time! Kevy, Tony, and Tristan go deep on Eldritch Moon spoilers and all the craziness these off the wall, new cards may or may not bring to a variety of formats.
Tonight the boys welcome fan favourite TSG to come on and have a blast.

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