Sunday, November 18, 2018
Streamer extraordinaire Mr. ScottyMac drops by the cave to chat with the boys about big events, MTGO beta, Pre-re, and more.
This week the boys talk the Fate Reforged Pre PRE Release, the Ben Stark comments, and Cube updates.
Welcome to episode 50! The boys invite the entire Internet to come hang out and talk Heavy Meta memories.
The boys are still wrecked from an epic time in Portland, but they muster up the strength to recount the tales of the two houses with the cube master himself, TSG.
With one of the best introductions ever given to this cast--by none other than Jack LaCroix--the boys settle in and talk about how to start a podcast, tips, and where to publish, all before they talk Khans PT preview.
Tonight the boys welcome fan favourite TSG to come on and have a blast.
The crew talks about recent WotC decisions to go after alters on ebay and where is out power 9 on MTGO
While poor Matty recovers from being sick as hell this week, listen to the Heavy Meta beta episode that started it all.
This week the infamous Reuben Bresler drops by to chill out with the boys and escape the ever-pressing eyes of the interwebs.
We are into Born of the Gods spoilers and the cave is packed with Witches and Geniuses for this roller coaster of an episode.