Heavy Meta Episode #8 Masters of Subliminal Cheats & Profanity Deep on MTGO Finance, Swearing & Sweaty Hands In this week's episode Matty and Kevy bring in the Ferret and go deep into MTGO financial discussions about when to get out of RTR before...
In this week's episode, Matty and Kevy discuss going from paper to fully online and then back again with redemption
In this EPIC 2-hour cast, Matt and Kevy answer no holds barred questions dealing with MTGO, budget Standard decks, dealing up as Thalia, and sharking kids.
Matt and Kevy have Nick Vigabool (MrVigabool) and Mike Grote (@mtgoferret) on to talk Standard metagame, MTGO financials, and Twitter hashtag policing.
Things get really crazy as Jay Boosh drops in on the Heavy Meta Crew and the boys talk about the Value of premium content, How the Card Market works, The high quality of players on MTGO, Vegas Disasters and...
Matt and Kevy talk MTGO finance with cards on the rise and cards on the fall.
Matt and Kevy talk about the speculation of Commander's Arsenal, store owners and their plans for GP Vegas.
Welcome to the first episode of what we hope will be come your weekly ritual in mtg comedy cast listening pleasure.

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