This week the boys play Hype 3 to start off and delve into the Modern metagame with results from SCG and GP Vancouver
The boys try for maximum live hype with a live reaction to the Banned & Restricted announcement.
This week we have Franky and TSG on to talk Holiday cube, Star Wars, Rivals of Ixalan, and Dominaria.
The boys are gearing up for GP VEGAS and Frontier side events!
This week we have Franky and TSG on to talk PT wrap up, Lantern wins boo, extended talk, and evolution of the casual cube.
The crew talk Modern Pro Tour return, Pro Tours moving forward, and why the turn away from standard; GP Toronto Recap, and the benefits of change in everyday life!
This week the Boys get mad . . MAX STYLE as they recap the Pro Tour #HYPEDRAFT clusterdome
This week the boys attempt a quick recap of Grand Prix Las Vegas.
The boys get strange with brews for Standard, and crazy ideas for Modern and Frontier, all with cards from Amonkhet.
This week the crew talk MOCS coverage, why two pros in the booth is the best viewing experience, and the impact of MM3.

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