The boys and special guest Dan Fournier talk GP Montreal adventures; Marvel wins again; how boring was that GP to watch; do we ban again: is standard actually cheaper now; and Fatal Push FNM!!!
The boys are packing and hype casting. Last minute show before they hit the desert. This week they talk: the End of blocks, Masterpieces, and the return of Core sets!
HypeClub returns and Matty joined by Tristan Gregson for some hype & energy.
The boys are too hyped to cast effectively but they managed to blurt out some stuff about Archenemy, Frontier brews, and what is the best deck to play in side events.
This week the Boys get mad . . MAX STYLE as they recap the Pro Tour #HYPEDRAFT clusterdome
This week the crew talk 25th anniversary of Magic and the 15th anniversary of MTGO, and offer some Amonkhet Masterpiece Invocations live reactions!
This week Matty flies solo with special guest The Professor from @TolarianCollege.
It's Standard time! The boys get hype talking about if Walking Ballista and Saheeli Rai are a trap about to get banned post PT, and are they warping the Standard meta?
The boys are gearing up for GP VEGAS and Frontier side events!
The crew talk: Hour of Devastation spoilers, Frontier impact, NAFC, talk controversial art.

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