It's Standard time! The boys get hype talking about if Walking Ballista and Saheeli Rai are a trap about to get banned post PT, and are they warping the Standard meta?
The crew talk: Hour of Devastation spoilers, Frontier impact, NAFC, talk controversial art.
The crew talk replacing FNM promos with tokens, new standard SCG Open, and Wizards' Data Insanity.
This week the boys talk Dominaria, Magic 25, cube, and the MtG Arena economy.
This week eternal formats get the smack down and the boys are not happy as they discuss.
This week the crew talk MM3 fetchland and Damnation reprints galore!
In this week's episode the boys talk: Do Standard bannings help/hurt Frontier?
This week the crew talk 25th anniversary of Magic and the 15th anniversary of MTGO, and offer some Amonkhet Masterpiece Invocations live reactions!
The boys talk impact of the Pro Tour, will anything be banned coming up, and how rotation is coming and it's time start looking for what is going to be powerful.
This week the crew invite Kelly on from Face to Face Toronto to talk the Banlist (no changes), how bans are chaos for the secondary market, and CFB running GPs in 2018.

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