Tuesday, September 25, 2018
In this week's episode the boys talk: Do Standard bannings help/hurt Frontier?
The boys talk impact of the Pro Tour, will anything be banned coming up, and how rotation is coming and it's time start looking for what is going to be powerful.
The boys are gearing up for GP VEGAS and Frontier side events!
The boys try for maximum live hype with a live reaction to the Banned & Restricted announcement.
This week the crew talk 25th anniversary of Magic and the 15th anniversary of MTGO, and offer some Amonkhet Masterpiece Invocations live reactions!
The boys get strange with brews for Standard, and crazy ideas for Modern and Frontier, all with cards from Amonkhet.
Matty joined by Tristan Gregson and they talk Arena, Unstable, and Iconic Masters!
HypeClub returns and Matty joined by Tristan Gregson for some hype & energy.
The week Matty & TSG give you a double length episode with TwitterHole2 to boot.
The crew talk Modern Pro Tour return, Pro Tours moving forward, and why the turn away from standard; GP Toronto Recap, and the benefits of change in everyday life!