Tuesday, January 22, 2019
This week the crew talk mm3 demand, why no one wants Goyfs anymore, the face walker problem, & theories on gods and split cards.
Matty joined by Tristan Gregson and they talk Arena, Unstable, and Iconic Masters!
This week the crew talk MOCS coverage, why two pros in the booth is the best viewing experience, and the impact of MM3.
In this week's episode the boys talk: Do Standard bannings help/hurt Frontier?
This week the boys talk Dominaria, Magic 25, cube, and the MtG Arena economy.
The crew talk Modern Pro Tour return, Pro Tours moving forward, and why the turn away from standard; GP Toronto Recap, and the benefits of change in everyday life!
The boys talk Amonkhet spoilers and Standard brews; Cat lord is blinkin bonkers right?; Zombie tribal looks legit ...and wrap up with what the hell is a desert?
The boys talk impact of the Pro Tour, will anything be banned coming up, and how rotation is coming and it's time start looking for what is going to be powerful.
HypeClub returns and Matty joined by Tristan Gregson for some hype & energy.
It's Standard time! The boys get hype talking about if Walking Ballista and Saheeli Rai are a trap about to get banned post PT, and are they warping the Standard meta?

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