This week Matty flies solo with special guest The Professor from @TolarianCollege.
The crew talk Modern Pro Tour return, Pro Tours moving forward, and why the turn away from standard; GP Toronto Recap, and the benefits of change in everyday life!
The crew talk replacing FNM promos with tokens, new standard SCG Open, and Wizards' Data Insanity.
The crew talk: Hour of Devastation spoilers, Frontier impact, NAFC, talk controversial art.
This week the boys attempt a quick recap of Grand Prix Las Vegas.
The boys are packing and hype casting. Last minute show before they hit the desert. This week they talk: the End of blocks, Masterpieces, and the return of Core sets!
The boys are too hyped to cast effectively but they managed to blurt out some stuff about Archenemy, Frontier brews, and what is the best deck to play in side events.
The boys are gearing up for GP VEGAS and Frontier side events!
The boys and special guest Dan Fournier talk GP Montreal adventures; Marvel wins again; how boring was that GP to watch; do we ban again: is standard actually cheaper now; and Fatal Push FNM!!!
The boys talk impact of the Pro Tour, will anything be banned coming up, and how rotation is coming and it's time start looking for what is going to be powerful.

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