The boys talk Pro Tour! Decks, brews, impact if Mardu Cars wins it all, Marvel still the bogey man, and can zombies actually get there?
The boys try for maximum live hype with a live reaction to the Banned & Restricted announcement.
The boys get strange with brews for Standard, and crazy ideas for Modern and Frontier, all with cards from Amonkhet.
The boys talk Amonkhet spoilers and Standard brews; Cat lord is blinkin bonkers right?; Zombie tribal looks legit ...and wrap up with what the hell is a desert?
In the aftermath of Invocations the boys got to watch excessive commercials every match on stream of the Modern Team GP and talk Amonkhet card impact on Frontier & Standard.
This week the crew talk 25th anniversary of Magic and the 15th anniversary of MTGO, and offer some Amonkhet Masterpiece Invocations live reactions!
This week the crew talk mm3 demand, why no one wants Goyfs anymore, the face walker problem, & theories on gods and split cards.
This week the crew invite Kelly on from Face to Face Toronto to talk the Banlist (no changes), how bans are chaos for the secondary market, and CFB running GPs in 2018.
This week the crew talk MOCS coverage, why two pros in the booth is the best viewing experience, and the impact of MM3.
This week the crew talk MM3 fetchland and Damnation reprints galore!

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