The crew talk replacing FNM promos with tokens, new standard SCG Open, and Wizards' Data Insanity.
This week the boys talk Battle Bond, Pro Tour, and Return to return to Ravnica
In the aftermath of Invocations the boys got to watch excessive commercials every match on stream of the Modern Team GP and talk Amonkhet card impact on Frontier & Standard.
The boys talk Amonkhet spoilers and Standard brews; Cat lord is blinkin bonkers right?; Zombie tribal looks legit ...and wrap up with what the hell is a desert?
The week Matty & TSG give you a double length episode with TwitterHole2 to boot.
The boys are gearing up for GP VEGAS and Frontier side events!
In this week's episode the boys talk: Do Standard bannings help/hurt Frontier?
The boys are too hyped to cast effectively but they managed to blurt out some stuff about Archenemy, Frontier brews, and what is the best deck to play in side events.
This week the boys attempt a quick recap of Grand Prix Las Vegas.
This week the crew invite Kelly on from Face to Face Toronto to talk the Banlist (no changes), how bans are chaos for the secondary market, and CFB running GPs in 2018.

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