David & Travis enjoy a draft-a-long and chat about cards that were better or worse than they thought in WAR.
David & Travis review all of the Black & Multi-coloured cards from War of the Spark for limited play.
David & Travis discuss the upcoming Mythic Invitational. They explain the format, and then make bold predictions about the winners of the event.
Dave & Travis discuss the most recent Arena announcements. Travis makes a plea to save limited as we know it.
Ethan & Travis have a chat about the state of MTG Arena and discuss upcoming draft formats on MTGO & MTG Arena.
Travis & Tomi have a chat about the recent Twitch Rivals event, and how to qualify for Mythic Championships
Dave & Travis have a chat about standard on MTG Arena and chronicle Travis' deck brewing experiences.
Dave and Travis discuss the recently announced Mythic Invitational.
Dave and Travis have a draft-a-long and discuss early RNA experiences.
Dave & Travis chat about Arena updates and a new way to look at draft personalities.

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