Sunday, November 18, 2018
David & Travis present part two of the intro course for drafting. Learn about combos, synergy, first picks and staying open in draft.
David & Travis present the intro course for drafting. If you're not sure how to pick the "right" cards, or are feeling intimidated at the prospect of trying your first draft, this is the episode for you.
In a stunning sequel to "Old Man Yells at Cloud" Travis is back with some thoughts on Competitive Draft. Dave attempts to calm the wild streamer.
Dave & Travis chat about the upcoming MTG Arena update and share early M19 limited experience.
Dave & Travis Jump into the world of Standard for MTG Arena with 4 decks you can start your free to play path towards.
David Savill & Travis Sowers chat about Aether Revolt limited, and then go deep on mulligan decisions. When should you mulligan in limited? It might be less often than you think.
David & Travis have the latest news about the MTG Arena Beta as well as a mini Dominaria Draft primer!
David andTravis have all the info you need to enjoy MTG Arena's latest patch from a budget friendly standard list to a quick starter guide to drafting.
Dave & Travis discuss the Legacy Cube now out on MODO. What is a cube? How should someone who's never drafted cube approach this cube? The boys have you covered!
David & Travis bring you a draft along with the new set, and some advice / data points from Arena drafts.