Ethan & Travis have a chat about the state of MTG Arena and discuss upcoming draft formats on MTGO & MTG Arena.
Dave & Travis discuss the most recent Arena announcements. Travis makes a plea to save limited as we know it.
David & Travis present the intro course for drafting. If you're not sure how to pick the "right" cards, or are feeling intimidated at the prospect of trying your first draft, this is the episode for you.
Dave & Travis have a chat the ups and downs of ladder play, and Travis' attempt at the Mythic Invitational.
Dave and Travis have a draft-a-long and discuss early RNA experiences.
Travis & Tomi have a chat about the recent Twitch Rivals event, and how to qualify for Mythic Championships
KYT, NumotTheNummy, and solebush1 reunite to give you their early thoughts on Theros Limited. You can find us on Magic Online at: manadeprived - Kar Yung Tom NumotTheNummy - Kenji Egashira solebush1 - Josh Frankel You can find us on Twitter at: @kytmagic - Kar...
Arena is now an esport, and Travis played in the first esports event. The boys have a lot to talk about from that event, to ranked play in this weeks episode.
Dave & Travis have a chat about standard on MTG Arena and chronicle Travis' deck brewing experiences.
In a stunning sequel to "Old Man Yells at Cloud" Travis is back with some thoughts on Competitive Draft. Dave attempts to calm the wild streamer.

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