David Savill & Travis Sowers reminisce about Khans of Tarkir and discuss the concept of Expected Value. Dave takes a turn on the soapbox.
David & Travis bring you a draft along with the new set, and some advice / data points from Arena drafts.
David Savill & Travis Sowers get you ready for your Pre-Release and MODO release of Amonkhet with a quick look at the archetypes of the format, and the key commons to be aware of!
Tomi & Travis have a chat about Team Sealed as Travis gets ready for GP DC and discuss Dominaria Limited.
David has solved all of the MTG : Arena economy issues. Also, Travis & Dave have a chat about the new Ravnica mechanics.
David Savill & Travis Sowers dive deep on the tribal decks in Ixalan.
Dave & Travis chat about Arena updates and a new way to look at draft personalities.
David Savill & Travis Sowers draft along with Dave's first Iconic Masters Draft. Travis has thoughts on bounce lands, and a reminder about last year's draft format.
Travis & Tomi have a chat about the recent Twitch Rivals event, and how to qualify for Mythic Championships
KYT and Josh Frankel review the awesome time they got to spend together at the Grand Prix in Boston. Though neither of them cashed, Josh made his weekend matter when he top 8ed the TCG Platinum Qualifier on Day...

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