David and Travis go over the most recent "State of the Beta" for MTG Arena.
David Savill & Travis Sowers have some thoughts about recent events in the Magic community. Magic is for everyone. Everyone that wants to play should be able to, while feeling safe and having fun. We'll talk about Magic the game again next week but this week, we've got to set a few things straight.
Dave and Travis discuss the recently announced Mythic Invitational.
David Savill & Travis Sowers chat about the Magic Online Championship Series, "ghosting," draft collusion, and wrap things up with another soapbox for Travis.
David & Travis have been playing Guilds of Ravnica sealed, and have some early thoughts about the format.
Dave & Travis discuss M19 Draft, have a draft along and check out some math behind the Quick / Competitive Draft offerings of MTG Arena.
David Savill & Travis Sowers talk about Living the Dream in Magic. Travis shakes his cane in full grumpy old man mode about spoiler season, and the guys share a MODO wish list. Happy Holidays from Men from MODO!
David & Travis go deep on reading signals in draft.
David & Travis have the latest news about the MTG Arena Beta as well as a mini Dominaria Draft primer!
David Savill & Travis Sowers get you ready for the next round of flashback drafts on MODO!

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