Sunday, November 18, 2018
David & Travis want to get you ready for the Modern Cube, now out on MTGO. They chat about the changes to the cube and do a pack one pick one from cube tutor!
Dave, Travis and returning guest Tomi discuss the upcoming Holiday Cube! Tomi guides us through various archetypes and then teaches us the mysteries of storm!
David & Travis discuss when to use removal in limited. Hold it, or Fire it Off?
David and Travis go over the most recent "State of the Beta" for MTG Arena.
Ixalan will be out on Monday on MTGO! Dave & Travis get you ready for limited release events by highlighting what they think are the important cards and archetypes!
David Savill & Travis Sowers draft along with Dave's first Iconic Masters Draft. Travis has thoughts on bounce lands, and a reminder about last year's draft format.
David Savill & Travis Sowers get you ready for your Hour of Devastation pre-release by going over key cards in the format!
Travis & Dave bring you a jumbo show to get you ready to draft Masters 25 on MODO!
David Savill & Travis Sowers have a chat about the recent Pro Tour, share some info on HOU Sealed, and then Travis takes a turn on the soapbox.
David Savill & Travis Sowers "remember" favorite cards from Kaladesh Block & share a series of mini-topics to help you improve your game play!