Dave & Travis have a chat about standard on MTG Arena and chronicle Travis' deck brewing experiences.
Dave and Travis discuss the recently announced Mythic Invitational.
Dave and Travis have a draft-a-long and discuss early RNA experiences.
Dave & Travis chat about Arena updates and a new way to look at draft personalities.
Dave & Travis are ready to talk Ravnica Allegiance! They discuss the key commons and uncommons for each guild.
The boys are back to talk best of one ranked play
Arena is now an esport, and Travis played in the first esports event. The boys have a lot to talk about from that event, to ranked play in this weeks episode.
What is splashing? What kinds of cards should I splash? How do I splash? The boys have you covered this week with this intro to splashing in Draft.
David & Travis dive in to the new Ultimate Masters Draft set, available on MTGO December 6th.
David & Travis chat about the Modern Cube for Magic Online, some advice for sealed, and even a bit about splashing in this episode.

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