Thursday, August 16, 2018
Tomi & Travis have a chat about Team Sealed as Travis gets ready for GP DC and discuss Dominaria Limited.
David & Travis discuss when to use removal in limited. Hold it, or Fire it Off?
David & Travis discuss this week in Arena & revisit an old episode with fresh eyes. You still mulligan too much.
David & Travis explore recent criticisms of MTG Arena.
David & Travis discuss the recent economy update to MTG Arena and share first experiences with Dominaria!
David & Travis have a jumbo episode for you this week to get you ready for your Dominaria events!
David & Travis have four cards from the upcoming Dominaria set to preview for you! It looks like we have a limited archetype appearing....
David & Travis want to get you ready for the Modern Cube, now out on MTGO. They chat about the changes to the cube and do a pack one pick one from cube tutor!
David & Travis have been playing and streaming the MTG Arena Beta for a week, and there is still more to discuss about this game! The boys have a chat about where Arena is now, and where they hope to see it go in the future.
David & Travis have been waiting to tell you about MTG: Arena, and now they can! A huge new update dropped on the 22nd creating a new format and opening the game up to streaming and discussion!