Tuesday, January 22, 2019
Dave & Travis talk about bluffing in digital Magic. When and how should you bluff?
Dave & Travis discuss upcoming events on Magic Online, chat about M19 Draft and have some advice for you in limited about holding your lands.
Dave & Travis discuss M19 Draft, have a draft along and check out some math behind the Quick / Competitive Draft offerings of MTG Arena.
Dave & Travis chat about the upcoming MTG Arena update and share early M19 limited experience.
Dave & Travis take a deeper dive into M19, looking at a few pack one pick ones, the types of removal we have, and colour pairs.
Dave & Travis take a first look at M19.
In a stunning sequel to "Old Man Yells at Cloud" Travis is back with some thoughts on Competitive Draft. Dave attempts to calm the wild streamer.
David andTravis have all the info you need to enjoy MTG Arena's latest patch from a budget friendly standard list to a quick starter guide to drafting.
David and Travis go over the most recent "State of the Beta" for MTG Arena.
David and Travis discuss the next big Arena update. Travis has stories from the GP, and the boys wrap up with some Dominaria limited talk.

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