Eh Team Episode #34 stars special guest Sam Stoddard! The team discuss the New Phyrexia leak bannings, KYT's experience at SCG Boston and his Caw-Blade mirror match tech (he played 7 matches in a row!), draw protocol, and their hopes for the changes to the Pro Tour for 2012.
The Innovator, Patrick Chapin, joins the Crazy Talk crew to talk New Phyrexia. If you are planning to hit GP Providence, this is a must-listen. You get to hear exclusive Crazy Talk Isochron Scepter tech and KYT's hopes of becoming Chapin's friend.
In this episode of the MTGCast Interviews the Men of Magic, Presenting series, the Host(s) – Rob Martin – spends an hour with the Magic Technologist, Personality, and Podcaster: Kar Yung Tom.
Welcome to Ep. 33 with special guest, Pro Tour veteran Matthias Hunt. The Eh Team discuss their Nats Q results which saw KYT earn a Nationals Invite with Cawblade! The guys share their reactions to the New Phyrexia godbook being spoiled so early, and look through it to pick out goodies for the upcoming STD and EDH formats.
The boys return after a one week break and reward their listeners with a mammoth cast. They discuss their recent Legacy performances and then move directly onto spoilers, analyzing the Legacy applications of certain new cards such as Darksteel Relic!
Mana Deprived has been looking to bolster its podcast lineup and this week adds MTG Tournament Cast to the mix, a show that seeks to present the best decks from tournaments around the MTG metagame every week!
It's Episode 32, and the Eh Team has you covered for this weekend's big National Qualifiers tournaments. KYT, Scott, Smitty, and Jay Boosh present their Standard metagame breakdown: Everything you need to know for your Nats Q!
It is financially beneficial for you to listen to this cast that features Legacy superstar Mark Sun. We talk about GW Pandora, High Tide, Dredge, Team America, Elves and even Cephalid Breakfast!
The team checks in early for a Friday podcast with a very special new intro. The guys are joined on the mic by podcast editor Kyle (@kerrydan), discuss the upcoming Nationals Qualifiers, then reveal what they've been playtesting in Standard lately.
In episode 5 of Crazy Talk, the guys welcome a very special guest: Drew Levin. Together, they explore the Legacy metagame, the viability of burn decks and the future of the Legacy format. They also reveal the secret identity of the Robin Hood of Magic. Someone has to stand up to all those dirtbags!

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