Guest host and tournament grinder extraordinaire, Jeph Foster, joins the Eh Team for Episode 54 of the podcast, and shares his experience playing at the $10,000 Grudge Match tournament the previous weekend (Oct 1) in Philadelphia...
For Episode 53, the Eh Team welcomes guest host GP Montreal runner-up Alex Hayne, who walks the guys through the highs and lows of his Grand Prix Montreal experience.
Scotty and JayBoosh pilot a tandem Eh Team Episode 52 to discuss Innistrad with returning special guest AJ Sacher, and learn why AJ knows nothing about the set despite so many cards having been spoiled.
Mark Sun joins the CT crew as they talk about GP Montreal and the impact the banning of Mental Misstep has on the Legacy format. Rumor has it that we are nearing the end of Crazy Talk... Could it be?
It's hard to follow up the 50th celebration episode, but we think we've succeeded with special guest Conley Woods, recorded the week after Pro Tour Philadelphia.
Hang out with the Eh Team in the most meta, most off-the-cuff, self-referential episode in all of podcastdom. There will be celebrity impressions, roasts, nostalgia, secrets revealed, scumbag stories, and... even a little Magic discussion!
KYT, Alex, Frank and Medina talk about Planeswalker points, Pro Tour Philadelphia and of course, the Medina vs. Hayne showdown that took place at GP Pittsburgh. Alex had to beat Medina 7 games out of 7. Did he do it?
Part 2 of a 3-hour long podcast with special guest Drew Levin. The guys leave the Magic indiscretions in the confessional, and talk the newest non-rotating format on everyone's mind, Modern!
Canadian Nationals have come and gone, and after a week's pause the Eh Team is back to record episode 49, with special guest Chris Lansdell of Horde of Notions podcast.
Part 1 of a 3 hour long podcast with special guest Drew Levin. The boys go over Medina's 2-Entomb Reanimator deck before getting into the more serious topic of cheating. Confessions from Medina and Frank included. This one is a hot one!

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