For this less-Medina episode, KYT summons the two most influential Chinese players in the world (Tom Ma and Mark Sun). The guys talk about Tom's trials and tribulations with his Hive Mind deck and Mark highly recommends Reid Duke's NO RUG list to our listeners. Asians unite!
For Episode 40, KYT, Jesse, and Jay are joined by Don Wiggins, from the online store Don's Magic and Sundry. The guys learn how Don started in his online business, how he prices cards, and how he made his way onto the Wizards Play Network. The Team shares what they've been working on lately...
Every time we take a break, we return with a mammoth episode. David Caplan, co-creator of Canadian Threshold, joins the cast as we talk about his CMT weekend, Commander, the Eh Team podcast and mana-less Dredge.
Episode 39 welcomes Jake "The Professor" Meszaros to the podcast for a short appearance, as he discusses his recent PTQ Top 8 with "Blumanji". The Eh Team proceeds to pull no punches discussing how happy they really are with the current Standard, and offer their advice to local game stores and online retailers...
After a long week off, the Eh Team returns to the digital soundscape! As KYT decides what to play in an upcoming Standard PTQ, the guys look at Jesse's new GW Birthing Pod aggro deck "Angles", how to fight against Splinter Twin combo, and the latest Caw-Blade tech.
Crazy Talk's own Frank gets asked the Five and our listeners can expect one crazy answer this week. KYT, Alex and Frank go on to talk about their GP Providence experience.
In this new series, KYT will be recording conversations behind Team Mana D doors. They are to be recorded before a major tournament and shortly released thereafter. Listen in as the team tries to help KYT break UW Stoneblade, featuring Alex Hayne from Crazy Talk.
Legacy expert or the man with the epic beard, Adam Barnello, joins the Crazy Talk crew as this just might be one of the most knowledge-filled episodes yet. Featuring B/W Aggro, Mono Blue Control and Enlightened Tutor.
For Episode 37, the Eh Team is joined by Level 8 Brazilian pro, Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa! The guys quiz Paulo Vitor on his time management secrets, his favourite decks (might be Faeries), and PV shares some of his favourite Constructed cards from New Phyrexia...
Based on last week's feedback, what have the boys of Crazy Talk decided to do with Alex? The answer to lies within. Guest starring local Limited legend Rob Anderson, the crew go over a number of decks from SCG Orlando starting with Metalworker!

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