Tuesday, January 22, 2019
The First Strike crew gives their first impressions on the $10 million dollars announcement.
On this episode, KYT sits down with FaceToFaceGames.com Saskatoon Classic Champion Justin Lee to talk about his win, his deck choice of Bant Spirits, his background and the state of Saskatchewan Magic.
David & Travis dive in to the new Ultimate Masters Draft set, available on MTGO December 6th.
KYT, Andy, Derek, Jonathan, and Elliot explore what impact general entry fees might have on Grand Prix attendance, what deck to play in Modern for the upcoming RPTQs, the state of Standard, and a DQ at Grand Prix Warsaw.
David & Travis chat about the Modern Cube for Magic Online, some advice for sealed, and even a bit about splashing in this episode.
On this episode, KYT has conversations with 2018 SCG Las Vegas Team Open Champion & 2018 Eternal Weekend Finalist Cyrus Corman-Gill and Pro Tour Top 8 Competitor Wilson Mok.
KYT, Andy, Derek are graced by two thirds of the SCG Vegas Team Open winners, Markus Thibeau and First Strike's own Jonathan Zhang, as they look at making a team, the Standard metagame, and choosing Modern decks.
David & Travis have TWO preview cards from the upcoming masters set! This week they've also put together a series of quick tips to improve your game play.
Welcome to the inaugural episode of the KYT Show where KYT interview Calgary Open+ Champion Mike Ervin and beloved Eh Team co-host Jesse "Smi77y" Smith.
KYT, Andy, Derek, and Jonathan Zhang look at the Pro Tour top 8 and top PT constructed decks, Dredge in Modern, and the new Format-focussed event path to the Magic Online Championship. And Fish.

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