KYT reunited with Jay this weekend and on their way to driving to the airport for KYT to go home, they talk about War of the Spark, being an MTG Dad and if a million dollars would be mean something different now than when they started Eh Team.
KYT, Derek, Elliot, Andy and Jonathan return from MagicFest Calgary to discuss the success of the Mythic Invitational, the best decks for Modern, and how to prepare for War of the Spark Limited.
Brian David-Marshall is back in NYC after competing in the Mythic Invitational, so he and Mike meet to talk best-of-1, the worst deck ever played, and War of the Spark spoilers.
David & Travis discuss the upcoming Mythic Invitational. They explain the format, and then make bold predictions about the winners of the event.
KYT, Derek, Elliot, and Andy are joined by Barrie Open champion Stephen Kerr to look at Azorius Control in Modern, the new Duo Standard format, and pick favourites for the first ever Mythic Invitational.
KYT chats with FaceToFaceGames.com Red Deer Open+ Champion Truman Yee to talk about winning with Whir Prison, what he might bring to MagicFest Calgary and how he got into photography.
Dave & Travis discuss the most recent Arena announcements. Travis makes a plea to save limited as we know it.
KYT chats with FaceToFaceGames.com Toronto Open+ Champion John Robbins to talk about his Izzet Phoenix deck choice and his up-and-coming Magic team: The Chilled Guild.
KYT, Elliot, and Andy are joined by Jonathan Medina as they look at which decks in Modern will benefit from the London mulligan, co-streaming the Mythic Invitational, and all those War of the Spark planeswalkers.
Ethan & Travis have a chat about the state of MTG Arena and discuss upcoming draft formats on MTGO & MTG Arena.

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