Saturday, July 21, 2018
In episode 3, the boys start off talking about the reprint policy. They then move on to SCG Memphis where they discuss Merfolk, Team America, Natural Order and Affinity. They end it off with thoughts on where Legacy is going and what to make out of the new SCG buy-list.
Sound the trumpets and rally the troops, the help of the community is needed to help get one of our own towards his date with destiny!
It's Episode 29 (boy, we're old!) and the Eh Team meets to discuss their experiences with their respective Mirrodin Besieged Game Days the weekend before.
In episode 2 of Crazy Talk, the guys are joined by a local Legacy Counterbalance veteran in David Schnayer. They start off by discussing options to start your Legacy collection on MTGO and move on to go over some of the combo decks in the format. One of them plays Candlesticks!
It's Episode 28, and Jon Medina is back on the podcast, thanks to the faithful retweeter army who clamoured for his return. Listen to Jon's story of how he self-destructed himself with Destructive Force at SCG DC!
In the debut episode of Crazy Talk, the crew go over the accessibility of Legacy and the many different archetypes that you will run into as you navigate through the jungle of this format.
It's Episode 27, and the Eh Team welcomes JayBoosh back to the mic!
In episode 26, the Eh Team (minus Jay) are first joined by Jon Medina. The legendary trader discusses his SCG Indy experience and lets us in on how he would run a LEGIT store. Afterwards, the boys welcome the sexiest commentator ever, Joey Pasco, to give his thoughts on Pro Tour Paris.
In Episode 25, Jay checks in, direct onsite from his vacation in the sun. Jay's absence is so huge, that on the latter part of the podcast it takes an entire "B Team" to fill his shoes.
Episode 24 airs without a vacationing JayBoosh, but instead guest-stars GerryT and even some scrub named Adam (he followed KYT home). The team discuss their first impressions of Mirrodin Besieged from the Prerelease, GerryT's unique deck selection process for SCG Indy, and the effect of MBS on the Standard, Extended, and Legacy metagames.