The guys record a super short podcast before Alex has to fly to Vegas for Mythic Championship III.
Alex returns from Vegas to talk about his Mythic Championship III experience!
Alex & KYT go over some of the nuances of timing/sequencing plays and dive deep into how they deal with the mental side of the game.
Alex and KYT talk about the controversial GoFundMe topic and dive into Standard.
Is the value of being unpredictable worth playing sub-optimal cards?
Alex and KYT talk about factors that can affect a player’s performance and the appeal of live MTG Arena tournaments.
MPL #4 Alex Hayne gets candid on a number of "Magic Pro League"-related topics and talks a bit of Standard.
Hayne is back from Magic Fest Providence and gets tricked by KYT to chat high-level strategy.
What's Alex's mentality heading into any Magic tournament? Listen and find out!
Alex and KYT discuss the future of competitive Magic and gives a Grandmaster Class on how they think about sideboarding.

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