Wednesday, August 15, 2018
Scotty and JayBoosh pilot a tandem Eh Team Episode 52 to discuss Innistrad with returning special guest AJ Sacher, and learn why AJ knows nothing about the set despite so many cards having been spoiled.
Hang out with the Eh Team in the most meta, most off-the-cuff, self-referential episode in all of podcastdom. There will be celebrity impressions, roasts, nostalgia, secrets revealed, scumbag stories, and... even a little Magic discussion!
Last Thursday, the Eh Team decided to host their semi-regular Commander Classic. Listen (podcast link available above) or watch (Twitch video available below) Jay, Scott, Medina and Norbert88 (subbing in for KYT) battle it out! Part 1 of 3.
Matt and a jet-lagged Jeremey team up with special guests Doug Potter and James Mellish after top 10 performances in GP Louisville team sealed.
While KYT is still gallivanting around the world, the guys lead off Ep 126 with their plans for their Dragon's Maze Prereleases.
Guest host and tournament grinder extraordinaire, Jeph Foster, joins the Eh Team for Episode 54 of the podcast, and shares his experience playing at the $10,000 Grudge Match tournament the previous weekend (Oct 1) in Philadelphia...
The Eh Team welcomes Edmonton's Doug Potter and Montreal's Rob Anderson back to the Pro Tour.
It's Episode 28, and Jon Medina is back on the podcast, thanks to the faithful retweeter army who clamoured for his return. Listen to Jon's story of how he self-destructed himself with Destructive Force at SCG DC!
For Episode 55, the Eh Team feature guest host Jonathan Medina, fresh off his top 4 at SCG Nashville, and special guest Brazilian pro player PVDDR. Back to form and never afraid to tackle tough topics...
With special guest Pat Chapin, the guys re-visit their reactions to the ill-fated Magic Cruise, and the reactions to their reactions!