Sunday, November 18, 2018
It's Episode 123 and the Eh Team talks recent Magic community drama, and cubing.
The Eh Team look at some favourite Standard decks, debate the article of the year, and enjoy some Christmas Magic cheer.
KYT and Scott get together with Matthias Hunt to set up a short pre-Pro Tour Montreal show.
Episode 140 starts the newest chapter of the Eh Team podcast, as the guys introduce their new co-host and tell the story of Jay & Scott's most excellent GP Calgary adventure.
Episode 139 finds Scott hanging at Jay Boosh's place, as the two gear up for Grand Prix Calgary. The guys share more observations on M14 limited, and KYT won his release weekend team sealed tournament. However, the majority of...
What does the Eh Team mean to you, the listener? What works, what doesn't work, how it fits into your life? What do you want?
The Episode 121 re-do is here, and it's got everything from psychoanalysis to dating tips. Everyone's getting into Standard!
Season 2 of the Eh Team kicks off with Episode 101, and the guys find out from TSG if Bonfires really did litter the streets!
A special Episode 107 recorded live and IN-PERSON at Scotty Mac's house on the Friday night before the Grand Prix.
Returning to the mics for Episode 30, the Eh Team tell stories from their weekend in Toronto: Friday Night Magic at the Hairy Tarantula North; their choice of Standard decks for the TCGPlayer main event; and why Jay and KYT call MrScottyMac "Dad".