KYT and Matt both played Modern PPTQs, and learned valuable lessons for future Modern tournaments.
The Eh Team welcomes Edmonton's Doug Potter and Montreal's Rob Anderson back to the Pro Tour.
What do a machete, smelly rhinos, and trunk beers have in common? It was the Kaladesh prerelease weekend, that's what!
The whole Eh Team is finally back together again, and they're joined by veteran Pro, streamer, and Community Cup champ Paul Cheon!
Minus a travelling KYT this week, three amigos talk Dragon's Maze, Standard decks, and Commander!
The whole Eh Team is together again, and they have Monday's Dragons of Tarkir spoilers to pour over together!
The Eh Team sounds off about Eternal Masters, Duel Decks: Blessed vs Cursed, and Shadows Over Innistrad spoilers.
In Episode 75, Medina introduces the Legacy brew that he would've played at GP Indy...
Fresh off his big win at Pro Tour Gatecrash in Montreal, the Eh Team spends some time with Tom Martell. The guys get an insider look into Tom's preparations for the Pro Tour, and find out what Standard decks...
The Eh Team have Origins Limited figured out before Pro Tour Vancouver, but KYT and Jeremey disagree strongly over the power of a certain red one-drop.

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