It's Episode 123 and the Eh Team talks recent Magic community drama, and cubing.
The Eh Team has a full docket for the listeners in Episode 131: Controversy, and Standard decklists, and great news for KYT!
Modern Masters drops this weekend, and Medina wonders what the VIP special is for GP Vegas, then Jonathan and Scotty share what their Commander decks have been up to lately, while KYT talks All Things Naya.
Medina is back from Origins Game Fair with stories from the trade floor, and the guys look at how to maintain the right Magic-life balance.
It's Episode 127, and by the time you listen, Dragon's Maze is constructed-legal!
With Medina away at Origins, the guys spend Ep 133 talking about how much Magic they've been playing lately. KYT recounts how his team came to a 5th place finish at Grand Prix Providence...
Minus a travelling KYT this week, three amigos talk Dragon's Maze, Standard decks, and Commander!
KYT and Scott get together with Matthias Hunt to set up a short pre-Pro Tour Montreal show.
While KYT is still gallivanting around the world, the guys lead off Ep 126 with their plans for their Dragon's Maze Prereleases.
The Episode 121 re-do is here, and it's got everything from psychoanalysis to dating tips. Everyone's getting into Standard!

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