Tuesday, January 22, 2019
Returning to the mics for Episode 30, the Eh Team tell stories from their weekend in Toronto: Friday Night Magic at the Hairy Tarantula North; their choice of Standard decks for the TCGPlayer main event; and why Jay and KYT call MrScottyMac "Dad".
ScottyMac, Medina, and KYT reminisce to Jay Boosh about the good times had at Grand Prix Toronto.
With an absent Medina gobblin' turkey and spending time with family, KYT, ScottyMac and JayBoosh get together for some Magic talk in Ep 105.
Scott and Jay might be missing, but KYT and Jeremey bring you Standard, Modern, and Fate Reforged spoilers!
High-profile cheating in MtG, the new Commander 2014 cards, and stories from Yellowknife's Ptarmicon!
The Eh Team discusses MTGO Treasure Chests, Classic Art Tokens, and are Kaladeshi Vehicles the new, better Equipment?
It's episode 96, and it's all Brian Kibler's fault!
Episode 71 is a double-header with Crazy Talk's Franky Richard AND Shaheen Soorani
This episode the Eh Team welcomes Grand Prix Chicago champion, Calgary's own Tyler Blum!
Welcome to Ep. 33 with special guest, Pro Tour veteran Matthias Hunt. The Eh Team discuss their Nats Q results which saw KYT earn a Nationals Invite with Cawblade! The guys share their reactions to the New Phyrexia godbook being spoiled so early, and look through it to pick out goodies for the upcoming STD and EDH formats.

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