n Episode 21, the Eh Team reveals why Extended isn't as boring as Standard. They discuss some of the few Mirrodin Besieged spoilers that have appeared so far. The guys also talk about the reactions to Episode 20, and Scott and KYT share how they did in recent Standard tournaments playing the Blue-Green Genesis Wave deck.
Sound the trumpets and rally the troops, the help of the community is needed to help get one of our own towards his date with destiny!
With special guest Pat Chapin, the guys re-visit their reactions to the ill-fated Magic Cruise, and the reactions to their reactions!
KYT, Mr. ScottyMac and Jeremey share episode 147 with legendary Toronto tournament organizer Kelly Ackerman of Hairy Tarantula Comics & Games and learn the secrets of organizing successful tournaments.
After a not-so-successful online PTQ, Jeremey really wants to figure out Theros Limited, and Jay describes his trip bringing goodies to the awesome Magic club at Hugh Sutherland School in Carstairs, Alberta.
Episode 160 goes on without Jay Boosh, and even loses Jeremey along the way, but KYT and Mr. ScottyMac are here to help you ring in the new year!
Minus a really sick Jay Boosh and a travelling Medina, for episode 106 KYT and ScottyMac draft two co-hosts from the minors, MattyStudios of Heavy Meta podcast and RealEvilGenius of Brewport Avenue.
The whole Eh Team is together again, and they have Monday's Dragons of Tarkir spoilers to pour over together!
The Eh Team return to bring you ep #204, where the Calgary ManaDeprived Super Series marked Jay Boosh's triumphant return to competitive Magic.
Matt and a jet-lagged Jeremey team up with special guests Doug Potter and James Mellish after top 10 performances in GP Louisville team sealed.

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