The Eh Team is back, and for the first time as an official four again! Ep 262 covers Oath of the Gatewatch draft, why Standard is meh, and a brain-teasing 20 questions puzzle.
It's Episode 151, and all four members of the Eh Team are back together - find out who played Game Day, what deck they played, and who is Game Day Champio again!
Season 2 of the Eh Team kicks off with Episode 101, and the guys find out from TSG if Bonfires really did litter the streets!
Jeremey loves MTGO Leagues, KYT's ready for the final WMCq of the season, and some Battle for Zendikar spoilers!
It's Episode 28, and Jon Medina is back on the podcast, thanks to the faithful retweeter army who clamoured for his return. Listen to Jon's story of how he self-destructed himself with Destructive Force at SCG DC!
After GP Indianapolis, Tom Martell just has to pay another visit to the Eh Team!
Ep 242 has Battle for Zendikar spoilers, Commander Cube rules, and Leagues coming to MTGO!
For Episode 37, the Eh Team is joined by Level 8 Brazilian pro, Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa! The guys quiz Paulo Vitor on his time management secrets, his favourite decks (might be Faeries), and PV shares some of his favourite Constructed cards from New Phyrexia...
Modern season is a great time to return to Magic... particularly if you love Blood Moon!
The dynamic duo, Jeremey & KYT, take over the Eh Team for Episode 243 to discuss Yellowknife's Ptarmicon, Eternal Weekend, and chat some Standard with Bryan Gottlieb.

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