Tuesday, January 22, 2019
A special Episode 107 recorded live and IN-PERSON at Scotty Mac's house on the Friday night before the Grand Prix.
Modern season is a great time to return to Magic... particularly if you love Blood Moon!
This episode the guys talk about Jay's Build Our Own designing experience, Vintage Masters, and more.
The guys share takes of Shadows over Innistrad Prereleases.
Following hot on the heels of Gerry T, this week the Eh Team welcomes Star City Games' own Online Content Coordinator and Editor, Cedric Phillips!
For ep. 145, the Eh Team brings in special guest Grand Prix Providence finalist Ari Lax to help settle an argument over Firedrinker Satyr.
The Eh Team gets to welcome Grand Prix Toronto Top 8 competitor, Face to Face Games Toronto's own Daniel Fournier.
The Eh Team welcomes back Tom Martell for Episode 64 as the guys talk about the DCI suspension of Alex Bertoncini, the popularity of Tom's MTGO streaming videos, and take an in-depth look at Tom's lastest Standard deck, Blue-White Pristine Control.
This episode the Eh Team welcomes Grand Prix Chicago champion, Calgary's own Tyler Blum!
KYT and Mr Scotty Mac are joined by MTGO Community Cup teammate and competition (respectively), Mariah Pagliocco and her father Tony (TPup!).

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