The Eh Team is proud to present the first podcast interview online with new American national champion Ali Aintrazi! In episode 48, find out how he selected his constructed deck for Nationals, and more...
It's KYT and Jay Boosh together in front of a live studio audience to record a new episode of the best talk show in Magic, "the J-Team Show!"
KYT flies solo again, but this time he brings wingmen Robert Lombardi and David Schnayer to discuss Suicide Zoo in Modern, and playing Pro Tour Eldritch Moon.
Ep 234 showcases Modern, variance, and why knowing your deck is important.
It's Episode 61, and the Eh Team welcomes newly-discovered Magic star Christine "Elspeth" Sprankle, as she talks with the guys about Magic, her cosplay addiction, and her experience planeswalking the Magic Worlds Championship 2011...
While Jay is off celebrating his BOOSHday, Mr ScottyMac, KYT, and Medina instead welcome fans into a Google Hangout for an off-the-cuff video episode.
In their first cross-over episode, the Eh Team welcomes guests Alex Hayne and Fran├žois Richard of Crazy Talk podcast, with Alex off his recent PTQ win thanks to Pyromancer Ascension!
Episode 166 has the Eh Team looking at the Banned List updates in Modern. Scotty mourning Deathrite Shaman, but all three guys are excited to play the now wide-open format and see how it shakes out for the upcoming...
The four members of the Eh Team, KYT, Mr. ScottyMac, Jay Boosh, and Jonathan Medina, get together for the last episode of 2012.
The whole Eh Team is finally back together again, and they're joined by veteran Pro, streamer, and Community Cup champ Paul Cheon!

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