For episode 56, the Eh Team chats with Pro Tour Honolulu hopeful and Broken City School of Magic grinder Paul MacKinnon...
The guys are joined by Esper Master Shaheen Soorani, as he prepares for the SCG Invitational this weekend
For episode 44, the Eh Team chat with Jason Ness, Level 3 Judge & event organizer for 2011 Canadian Nats and Grand Prix Montreal, about their M12 prerelease experiences and hear the craziest scumbag story yet!
The Eh Team are joined by Dan Lanthier for some Conspiracy 2, a Modern Grand Prix, a non-existent scandal, and some Twenty Questions!
The Eh Team would like to apologize, but Episode 124 will be delayed in time by one day, publishing at midnight Tuesday April 16. We ask your patience, and hope this doesn't spoil your enjoyment of the upcoming episode. The...
No Jay Boosh. No KYT. No Jonathan Medina. Just all Mr. Scotty Mac, ALL THE TIME! Welcome to... The Scotty Mac Show!
It's back to the current Magic formats for Episode 141, as Jay takes Bant Hexproof to FNM. Jeremey's been drafting M14, but KYT and Jay Boosh still have differing opinions on the latest core set Limited. KYT chooses a...
The guys share takes of Shadows over Innistrad Prereleases.
KYT, Scotty Mac, and Jay Boosh get together for the 129th episode of The Eh Team, to talk some Standard Magic the Gathering. The Aristocrats, Junk Rites, & more.
The Mac is back, and the four members of the Eh Team get down to magical business, like why MTGO is like oatmeal cookies & mustard.

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