A PTQ top 8, Werewolf, and 3 of your 4 favourite Eh Team members. Episode 181... it's gonna be great!
Hot off the presses, it's the Eh Team reaction to the January Banned & Restricted announcements!
Episode 24 airs without a vacationing JayBoosh, but instead guest-stars GerryT and even some scrub named Adam (he followed KYT home). The team discuss their first impressions of Mirrodin Besieged from the Prerelease, GerryT's unique deck selection process for SCG Indy, and the effect of MBS on the Standard, Extended, and Legacy metagames.
It's Ep 263 and the Eh Team has a full docket tonight! Grand Prix Toronto 2016, AJ Sacher & Reuben Bresler on the Super Sunday Showdown, and Doug Potter with the Modern.
Episode 139 finds Scott hanging at Jay Boosh's place, as the two gear up for Grand Prix Calgary. The guys share more observations on M14 limited, and KYT won his release weekend team sealed tournament. However, the majority of...
It's Episode 151, and all four members of the Eh Team are back together - find out who played Game Day, what deck they played, and who is Game Day Champio again!
It's Episode 72, and Jay Boosh is back from Hawaii to play some "Sneep, Keep, or Ditch?"
After a long week off, the Eh Team returns to the digital soundscape! As KYT decides what to play in an upcoming Standard PTQ, the guys look at Jesse's new GW Birthing Pod aggro deck "Angles", how to fight against Splinter Twin combo, and the latest Caw-Blade tech.
Episode 224 has carnivorous fondue, Pro Tour winning Standard decks, and a multi-block Rochester draft to blow your mind.
The guys are joined by Esper Master Shaheen Soorani, as he prepares for the SCG Invitational this weekend

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