Wednesday, August 15, 2018
KYT is in Ottawa testing for Pro Tour Origins, and the guys are joined by GP Vancouver winner himself, Dan L.
Stories from GP Detroit, the Concession debate, coverage commentary, and more Kangaroo Court!
For episode 56, the Eh Team chats with Pro Tour Honolulu hopeful and Broken City School of Magic grinder Paul MacKinnon...
The Mac is back! With the Modern metagame, Magic: Origins spoilers, and stories from Europe.
Jeremey Schofield was joined by Matt Mendoza & Jay Boosh TOGETHER, along with Mr. ScottyMac and a few friends of the show, to record a special live edition podcast in Toronto.
Scott, Jay, and Jeremey are joined by Tom "the Boss" Ross to share stories of their 2014 Community Cup win.
Episode 80 kicks off as Scotty looks for help picking a deck for an upcoming Grand Prix Trial...
Linguistics differences, Canadian stereotypes, and Jay and Matt disagree on a point. Or two.
It's Episode 113, and the Eh Team welcomes Sal from Face to Face Games to the show!
Guest host and tournament grinder extraordinaire, Jeph Foster, joins the Eh Team for Episode 54 of the podcast, and shares his experience playing at the $10,000 Grudge Match tournament the previous weekend (Oct 1) in Philadelphia...