Sunday, November 18, 2018
For their 250th episode, the Eh Team welcomes Matt Mendoza, journalist and official GP coverage team member!
The boys are back in town! The Eh Team reflect on their New Phyrexia Prerelease experiences, Jesse crows about Spellskite's newfound popularity, and they muse on the new Standard after NPH.
Episode 41 of The Eh Team welcomes back Marshall from Limited Resources, who has returned victoriously from the latest WotC Community Cup with many tales of good beats and fun times...
The Eh Team look at some favourite Standard decks, debate the article of the year, and enjoy some Christmas Magic cheer.
n Episode 21, the Eh Team reveals why Extended isn't as boring as Standard. They discuss some of the few Mirrodin Besieged spoilers that have appeared so far. The guys also talk about the reactions to Episode 20, and Scott and KYT share how they did in recent Standard tournaments playing the Blue-Green Genesis Wave deck.
KYT recaps his Modern PPTQ experience running the Suicide Zoo list, joined by Doug P to talk about the Pro Tour and his Standard deck preparations for GP Portland.
With an absent Medina gobblin' turkey and spending time with family, KYT, ScottyMac and JayBoosh get together for some Magic talk in Ep 105.
Episode 165 finds the Eh Team without a vacationing Jay Boosh, but that's okay, because special guest Grand Prix Vancouver winner Alexander Hayne can more than hold up his end of the trolling.
KYT is back from making Day Two on his Pro Tour Washington debut!
Kranny & Sam Stoddard from In Contention podcast team up with the guys.