After a long week off, the Eh Team returns to the digital soundscape! As KYT decides what to play in an upcoming Standard PTQ, the guys look at Jesse's new GW Birthing Pod aggro deck "Angles", how to fight against Splinter Twin combo, and the latest Caw-Blade tech.
It's Episode 72, and Jay Boosh is back from Hawaii to play some "Sneep, Keep, or Ditch?"
The Eh Team catch Jay Boosh up to the new changes in qualifying for the Pro Tour, speaking of which, PT M15 just happened!
Episode 165 finds the Eh Team without a vacationing Jay Boosh, but that's okay, because special guest Grand Prix Vancouver winner Alexander Hayne can more than hold up his end of the trolling.
It's Episode 61, and the Eh Team welcomes newly-discovered Magic star Christine "Elspeth" Sprankle, as she talks with the guys about Magic, her cosplay addiction, and her experience planeswalking the Magic Worlds Championship 2011...
The Esper Professor, Shaheen Soorani, stirs up controversy yet again by suggesting changes for Legacy & Modern.
The Episode 121 re-do is here, and it's got everything from psychoanalysis to dating tips. Everyone's getting into Standard!
It's KYT and Jay Boosh together in front of a live studio audience to record a new episode of the best talk show in Magic, "the J-Team Show!"
Episode 144 resumes with the team taking a critical look at all the Theros spoilers to date (well, as of Thursday night).
Last Thursday, the Eh Team decided to host their semi-regular Commander Classic. Listen (podcast link available above) or watch (Twitch video available below) Jay, Scott, Medina and Norbert88 (subbing in for KYT) battle it out! Part 1 of 3.http://www.twitch.tv/widgets/archive_embed_player.swfWatch...

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