Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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The Smooth Brothas

Welcome to the smoothest podcast in the Magic world with your hosts Tyrone (@MTGBrainstorm) & Marcel (@MarcelMTG).
Tyrone and Marcel got the full Journey into Nyx spoiler and are talking about cards they want to brew with.
Tyrone and Marcel are back after almost a month. Marcel talks about some of his experiences at GP Montreal.
Back again for the twenty-third time, with more to come.
Happy New Years! Fate Reforged is out and the brothas are talking about the cool cards.
Fate Reforged prereleases happened this week and the brothas discuss some of the new cards before talking valuable life lessons.
Tyrone played some Magic this week, while Marcel played some System Shock. Tyrone has a special announcement on the cast.
Believe in the taters, curds and gravy baby.
Tyrone and Marcel talk about serious shit that’s happening in the community with younger players feeling intimidated by older players' actions. It’s up to us to build a better community.

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