Back again for the twenty-third time, with more to come.
Tyrone and Marcel go over the new brew from Pro Tour Born of the Gods, Blue Moon.
Khan of Tarkir is out and the brothas are talking about the cool new cards.
It’s M15 spoiler season! Tyrone has done his part not looking at the spoilers so you can experience his reaction to seeing the cards for the first time.
Khans of Tarkir spoilers, what more needs to be said.
Fate Reforged prereleases happened this week and the brothas discuss some of the new cards before talking valuable life lessons.
Tyrone played some Magic this week, while Marcel played some System Shock. Tyrone has a special announcement on the cast.
Now that the Born of the Gods is fully spoiled, Tyrone and Marcel talk about cards that are sparking their interest to brew. And guess who's back in Modern?
Tyrone has basically not seen any of the Journey into Nyx spoiler, and Marcel unveils the hot cards one at a time.
Ain’t nothing wrong with the chunky, but that creamy smoothness is what you want.

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