Sunday, September 23, 2018
BDM and Mike return for another episode of the longest running (sometimes walking, sometimes napping, somewhat audible) Magic podcast.
Mike and Brian podcast from Uncommons NYC -- a Kickstarter'd LGS -- as Brian waits to Cube draft.
Mike & Brian meander back to the beginning of the colour pie, with White and Blue.
More Born of the Gods. Gold, artifacts, and land.
BDM is off at the World Championships but Mike soldiers on with a special guest!
Mike and Brian run down 2017 while watching Star Wars: Rogue One
Apologies ahead of time: BDM and I get distracted in this podcast more than onceā€¦ By beautiful women passing by. You. Would. Too. -mjf Greetings from Canada! We may have prematurely deleted Archangel of Thune :/ (we still got Delver of Secrets...
Mike and Brian go over the Black cards from Ixalan. Does Mike show a little contempt for what this colour has to offer?
Julian Levin returns to Top 8 Magic this week after an adventure to Grand Prix DC with Matt Ferrando.
MichaelJ and GreedyM weather the weather to start their epic Ixalan review with the White cards!