Mike and BDM get together in a mysterious mall to talk the best new cards in Standard, while Brian turns Mike on to a strange new way of playing "group game" Magic.
BDM and Mike discuss the Magic events of the past week (as well as some non-Magical ones as well).
Mike Flores and Brian David-Marshall continue their review of Ravnica Allegiance by closing out Multicoloured cards, and then examining the Artifacts and Lands.
Pro Tour paperwork, Team Ultra Pro, and the Mad Men finale.
Imagine the rate Mike and Brian are going to have to hit to fit in another 50 eps this year! Woah!
Mike and Brian go over the Red cards from Ixalan.
BDM and Mike return to discuss the Standard metagame, from the decks and players of Pro Tour in Dublin to the Grand Prix in Pittsburgh, PA.
Brian insists on calling the deck that he and Mike are playing at GPNJ this weekend Stink Bomb. In the spirit of Gerry Thompson, Mike is revealing the aforementioned deck!
It's a beautiful--albeit windy--day and BDM is back from Pro Tour Amonkhet to discuss with Mike some decks, players, and being memed.
Julian Levin returns to Top 8 Magic this week after an adventure to Grand Prix DC with Matt Ferrando.

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