🍎 iTunes: apple.co/Top8Magic 🎧 Anchor: anchor.fm/top8magicBrian David-Marshall and Mike Flores are reunited for another episode of the longest running Magic podcast in the game. Before they did though, Brian met up with Top8Magic superfan, and professional comic book illustrator,...
With BDM out of town, Mike tags in Pro Tour Hall of Famer Zvi Mowshowitz to preview the White cards from Core Set 2020.
Mike Flores and Brian David-Marshall continue their review of Ravnica Allegiance by closing out Multicoloured cards, and then examining the Artifacts and Lands.
Was the Zombie Apocalypse caused by licking strippers' chests?
Mike and Brian sit around and tell lies basically. Because hey, disinfomercial. Draft strategies, going infinite, Cube, and PTQ preparation.
Mike and Brian continue the Dragons of Tarkir set review. This time: Black cards!
MichaelJ and GreedyM weather the weather to start their epic Ixalan review with the White cards!
Any time in the next two years someone asks you how you do such-and-such stupid thing on turn two, just figure out how you can be tapping a Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx.
Mike is exiled from this week's ep as BDM is joined by Limited Resources wonder-caster Marshall Sutcliffe. The duo podcast straight from Dublin, Ireland at Pro Tour Theros!
In this final Hours and Hours of Devastation, Mike and Matt cover the Green and Artifact cards.

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