Sunday, November 18, 2018 is happy to feature this special episode of Top 8 Magic where Flores and BDM go over the Hall of Fame and the entire set of M14. Brace yourself!
Mike and Brian issue some New Year’s Resolutions around the podcast… And try to figure out what will “resolve” from Oath of the Gatewatch.
In this final Hours and Hours of Devastation, Mike and Matt cover the Green and Artifact cards.
Mike and Brian continue the Dragons of Tarkir set review! This time: White cards and Blue cards...
Mike and Brian run down 2017 while watching Star Wars: Rogue One
Don't worry haters, the NBA talk is over inside of 11 minutes! Brian makes a bold prediction about Modern; Mike agrees.
MichaelJ and GreedyM weather the weather to start their epic Ixalan review with the White cards!
Julian Levin returns to Top 8 Magic this week after an adventure to Grand Prix DC with Matt Ferrando.
It is time to discuss all the goodies contained within Magic 2015. Mike and BDM start in decidedly non-WUBRG order by looking at the cards in Green.
Your semi-faithful hosts continue their RGWUB journey through the new cards in Oath of the Gatewatch with Green and multicolored.