Lots of Magic news, so you know how Mike will want to start this one... With comics recommendations! And Mike won a PPTQ with Dimir Control!
MichaelJ and GreedyM weather the weather to start their epic Ixalan review with the White cards!
Mike and Brian talk Legacy Cube, shuffling the top players for the World Championship, Brian's first tournament, the underwhelming Cavs, all that stuff.
Brian returns from sunny Honolulu! Mike's Grand Prix Trial win! And an honest-to-gosh Garbage Fight in the middle of the street!
Mike is joined on Waverly and Gay -- the traditional home of Top 8 Magic -- by SCG Invitational standouts Matt Ferrando and Miles Rodriguez.
MichaelJ, Brian, and and Grand Prix Top 8 competitor Phil Napoli talk bad friends, being bad at Magic, and more Eldritch Moon spoilers!
Top 8 Magic presents: Curmudgeons with Cards Getting Coffee. aka Glorious Night of Soil's Betrayal, with Jon Becker
Mike hangs out with Grand Prix badasses Osyp Lebedowicz and Phil Napoli, together on the Pro Tour for the first time in their decades-long BFF-ship.
Mike and Brian finish up all of Khans of Tarkir... Red, Green, Artifacts, & Lands! Let me tell you about these Red cards...
Flores and BDM get back to the business of podcasting to discuss a variety of topics, post-Pro Tour Battle for Zendikar.

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