Monday, September 23, 2019
Mike and Brian follow up on their five-part Magic 2015 Core Set set review with a two hour bonanza at Waverly & Gay.
After a too-long hiatus Mike and Brian return to talk about some Battle for Zendikar (and fall tv)
Basketball aspirations, Staff of the Death Magus, writing, and tall tales on the corner of Waverly and Gay for an hour and a half.
After his trip to Valencia, PT Historian Brian David-Marshall rejoins "noted JayBoosh apologist" Michael J. Flores for a podcast at the Top 8 Magic offices.
In this second instalment of Hours and Hours of Devastation, Mike and BDM cover the Blue and Multi-coloured cards.
Mike and Brian talk Legacy Cube, shuffling the top players for the World Championship, Brian's first tournament, the underwhelming Cavs, all that stuff.
Fresh off of Grand Prix Philadelphia duty Rashad Miller and Marshall Sutcliffe join MichaelJ on the corner of Waverly and Gay for a pre-Katz's cast!
It's a beautiful--albeit windy--day and BDM is back from Pro Tour Amonkhet to discuss with Mike some decks, players, and being memed.
Mike Flores and Brian David-Marshall return to the soundwaves from the streets of NYC to continue their review of Ravnica Allegiance with the Multicoloured cards.
Join BDM and MichaelJ as they work their way through the remaining 60% of the latest Core Set, continuing with White.

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