Tuesday, January 22, 2019
Green cards and artifacts meet crazy (literally crazy in some cases) NBA predictions and commentary in the final installment of their epic Theros review.
Mike and Brian take to the streets to bring you their review of the Eldritch Moon spoiler, starting with the Green and the colourless cards.
Don't worry haters, the NBA talk is over inside of 11 minutes! Brian makes a bold prediction about Modern; Mike agrees.
Topics include: Raphael Levy's Mono-Green Deck Americans! Mike and Brian discuss how scary various mono-colored decks are / have been over the course of Magic history. Which is scariest played by a master? Which is scariest played by "random kid"? How could Mike become...
Mike and Brian continue with some early look Oath of the Gatewatch spoilers: blue and black cards, plus some artifacts & lands.
Judge and podcaster extraordinaire Chris Lansdell joins Mike and Brian to run some post-ramen podcasting.
Mike and Brian wander the West Village for a new episode of Top 8 Magic!
This episode is about Mike's favourite cards in Theros, the Blue ones and the Gold ones!
Mike and Brian are joined by former Star City Games editor and Grand Prix Champion Steve Sadin on the corner of Waverly and Gay for some bau, and how Steve took down a Grand Prix.
MichaelJ, Brian, and and Grand Prix Top 8 competitor Phil Napoli talk bad friends, being bad at Magic, and more Eldritch Moon spoilers!

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