Sunday, November 18, 2018
The iPhone died just before the end of this podcast (and we didn't notice) because... You know... Top 8 Magic Podcast. You still have over an hour-twenty of... FATE REFORGED PREVIEW CARDS!
Also Born of the Gods! Mike and Brian talk about the closing of a New York institution and touch on some of the recent successes (and potential dinner bet liabilities) around the New York Knickerbockers. From Born of the Gods... Nyxborn Shieldmate Oreskos...
Brian David-Marshall and Gabe Carlton-Barnes look at what shook out in Standard over the course of two Grand Prix events.
What trap did @fivewithflores spring on an unsuspecting @top8games?
This week BDM and MichaelJ opened the metaphorical phone lines to take discussion requests from their audience.
Mike and Osyp chat about Standard and Modern, the successes and opportunities presented by Pro Tour Eldritch Moon, and Mike's recent PPTQ win with Naya Burn.
Mike is exiled from this week's ep as BDM is joined by Limited Resources wonder-caster Marshall Sutcliffe. The duo podcast straight from Dublin, Ireland at Pro Tour Theros!
Brian and Mike call you from the future (actually California)
Brian is (finally) back in town allowing the boys to finish their Fate Reforged review with green & gold!
Was the Zombie Apocalypse caused by licking strippers' chests?