Mike & Brian meander back to the beginning of the colour pie, with White and Blue.
The next episode of Eldritch Moon: Wax or Wane resumes with Black, and all of the Double-Faced Cards.
The expedition to visit every single new card in Oath of the Gatewatch concludes with the Black cards, Artifacts, and Lands.
Apologies ahead of time: BDM and I get distracted in this podcast more than once… By beautiful women passing by. You. Would. Too. -mjf Greetings from Canada! We may have prematurely deleted Archangel of Thune :/ (we still got Delver of Secrets...
The iPhone died just before the end of this podcast (and we didn't notice) because... You know... Top 8 Magic Podcast. You still have over an hour-twenty of... FATE REFORGED PREVIEW CARDS!
More Born of the Gods. Blue, and black cards.
A new post-Khans Standard format, a new Modern, and a new Top 8 Magic begins at an FNM.
Brian's got a brand new bag!
Khans of Tarkir: What white card did Mike change Brian's tune on? What blue card seems like it should be great (but neither of our intrepid hosts can imagine how)?
Mike and Brian go over the Black cards from Ixalan. Does Mike show a little contempt for what this colour has to offer?

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