Mike and Brian sit around and tell lies basically. Because hey, disinfomercial. Draft strategies, going infinite, Cube, and PTQ preparation.
Mike and Brian discuss Journey into Nyx Green cards. Which card that will surely become a tournament staple did Mike call unplayable?
Brian's favourite Red card in Journey into Nyx! Mike's favorite card in the set is Red! Journey into N---Waverly and Gay with your two favourite podcast hosts.
Mike and Brian cover Journey into Nyx, Black and Gold.
Mike and Brian have to cut this segment of the Journey into Nyx set review after Blue when the chicken appears.
Journey into Nyx: White, Lands, Artifacts. Features all-new "save or delete" aesthetic of Nyx or Ixnay (don't think too hard about that one).
Fresh off of Grand Prix Philadelphia duty Rashad Miller and Marshall Sutcliffe join MichaelJ on the corner of Waverly and Gay for a pre-Katz's cast!
Basketball aspirations, Staff of the Death Magus, writing, and tall tales on the corner of Waverly and Gay for an hour and a half.
After his trip to Valencia, PT Historian Brian David-Marshall rejoins "noted JayBoosh apologist" Michael J. Flores for a podcast at the Top 8 Magic offices.
With BDM at Pro Tour Born of the Gods, StarCityGames Invitational Top 8 competitors Joshua Ravitz and Thea Steele tag in with Mike for Green, Red, a little Gold, a little Modern talk, and some excellent coffee.

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