Mike is exiled from this week's ep as BDM is joined by Limited Resources wonder-caster Marshall Sutcliffe. The duo podcast straight from Dublin, Ireland at Pro Tour Theros!
Any time in the next two years someone asks you how you do such-and-such stupid thing on turn two, just figure out how you can be tapping a Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx.
Green cards and artifacts meet crazy (literally crazy in some cases) NBA predictions and commentary in the final installment of their epic Theros review.
What's really happening in the Hero's Downfall art? Also: Black cards!
Borderland Minotaur and thirty-six other Theros Red cards await the scathing tongues of Top 8 Magic in this rip-roaring review!
This episode is about Mike's favourite cards in Theros, the Blue ones and the Gold ones!
Lovers of horrendous audio rejoice! Mike and Brian come to you for the first of five Five FIVE Theros-themed updates this week, here on ManaDeprived.com. Up first - Theros lands and white cards! What is Brian's favorite White card? What is...
Was the Zombie Apocalypse caused by licking strippers' chests?
Topics include: Raphael Levy's Mono-Green Deck Americans! Mike and Brian discuss how scary various mono-colored decks are / have been over the course of Magic history. Which is scariest played by a master? Which is scariest played by "random kid"? How could Mike become...
Brian and Mike call you from the future (actually California)

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