Was the Zombie Apocalypse caused by licking strippers' chests?
Topics include: Raphael Levy's Mono-Green Deck Americans! Mike and Brian discuss how scary various mono-colored decks are / have been over the course of Magic history. Which is scariest played by a master? Which is scariest played by "random kid"? How could Mike become...
Brian and Mike call you from the future (actually California)
BDM is off at the World Championships but Mike soldiers on with a special guest!
Apologies ahead of time: BDM and I get distracted in this podcast more than once… By beautiful women passing by. You. Would. Too. -mjf Greetings from Canada! We may have prematurely deleted Archangel of Thune :/ (we still got Delver of Secrets...
ManaDeprived.com is happy to feature this special episode of Top 8 Magic where Flores and BDM go over the Hall of Fame and the entire set of M14. Brace yourself!

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