Mike Flores and Brian David-Marshall return to the soundwaves from the streets of NYC to celebrate nine years of Top 8 Magic, and review the Green cards of Ravnica Allegiance.
Mike and Brian wander the West Village for a new episode of Top 8 Magic!
Imagine the rate Mike and Brian are going to have to hit to fit in another 50 eps this year! Woah!
Brian and Mike convene on what is inevitably going to be the first of fifty-two 2018 Top 8 Magic podcasts. Topics include Brian's birthday, Brian's Kickstarter, different kinds of New York pizza, and, oh yeah! Magic: The Gathering Dominaria!
Mike and Brian run down 2017 while watching Star Wars: Rogue One
Mike and Brian go over the Red cards from Ixalan.
Mike and Brian go over the Black cards from Ixalan. Does Mike show a little contempt for what this colour has to offer?
Mike and Brian go over some cool new cards from Ixalan (and the not-cool blue ones, too).
MichaelJ and GreedyM weather the weather to start their epic Ixalan review with the White cards!
Julian Levin returns to Top 8 Magic this week after an adventure to Grand Prix DC with Matt Ferrando.

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