Tuesday, January 22, 2019
BDM and Mike return for another episode of the longest running (sometimes walking, sometimes napping, somewhat audible) Magic podcast.
Brian insists on calling the deck that he and Mike are playing at GPNJ this weekend Stink Bomb. In the spirit of Gerry Thompson, Mike is revealing the aforementioned deck!
BDM and Mike return to discuss the Standard metagame, from the decks and players of Pro Tour in Dublin to the Grand Prix in Pittsburgh, PA.
BDM is back with a best of 2016 episode! Baseball, basketball, movies, comics, comic book movies, Magic moments of the year in review.
Mike hangs out with Grand Prix badasses Osyp Lebedowicz and Phil Napoli, together on the Pro Tour for the first time in their decades-long BFF-ship.
Mike is joined on Waverly and Gay -- the traditional home of Top 8 Magic -- by SCG Invitational standouts Matt Ferrando and Miles Rodriguez.
It feels like it has taken most of the summer but BDM and MichaelJ are finally reunited for a new episode of the longest running Magic podcast.
Brian David-Marshall and Gabe Carlton-Barnes look at what shook out in Standard over the course of two Grand Prix events.
The premise is simple. It is The Decks to Beat, hearkening back to the days of scouring the Magic Dojo for the latest technology. With Briand David-Marshall and Gabe Carlton-Barnes.
Mike and Osyp chat about Standard and Modern, the successes and opportunities presented by Pro Tour Eldritch Moon, and Mike's recent PPTQ win with Naya Burn.

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