I don’t know about any of the other over 200 players that participated in this past Sunday’s Regional Pro Tour Qualifier but I am exhausted. Preparing for a Unified Standard event like this with a trip to the Pro Tour on the line was a very unique challenge that was both enjoyable and I’m sure rewarding for those who had success (I didn’t).

The teams of Derek Pite, David Rood and Dan Macdonald and Joe Fortini, Justin Bova and Brandon Dempsey stood atop the standings after he dust settled and are headed to the 25th anniversary Pro Tour.

Pite, Rood and Macdonald
Fortini, Bova and Dempsey

You may know Derek better as “MisplacedGinger” from Twitch and author on this very site. Derek has played more Standard than anyone I know preparing for this event and was responsible for the construction of all three of his team’s decks. Quite frankly, in my opinion, nobody deserves this win more than Derek. He also had the added benefit of teaming with former Pro Tour champion David Rood who is back in the GTA Magic scene with a vengeance. There third was a Kitchener/Waterloo local who will be making his return to the Pro Tour as well in Dan Macdonald.

The other winners I’m not familiar with other than that I know they were from out of town. With that said, I’d like to congratulate them, as well as give them credit for some unique deckbuilding in a complicated format. Their version of B/R was much more midrangey than what we’re used to seeing from Goblin Chainwhirler strategies in the current Standard format and I’m sure it paid off for them given the amount of mirror matches they likely would have played on the day.

Our Top 8 teams

While preparing for the event the consensus, of course, was that you would play a red deck and then find two other archetypes to pair with it. The starting point for a lot of teams was a red deck, a control deck with Terferi, Hero of Dominaria and a green deck. This was just the natural place that your brain took you when looked at the format from afar.

What a lot of our players in the Top 4 seemed to discover is that the actual correct strategy was to find a way to maneuver U/B Midrange into your lineup. This would mean nerfing your control deck a little or to not play one at all. This Scarab God strategy performed very well on Sunday, and to me was the major metagame standout for me.

Congratulations to the rest of our Top 4 on qualifying themselves for the next RPTQ, and we hope to see everyone who competed Sunday at Canadian Nationals this coming weekend. Make sure to check out the Top 4 decklists below!

Face to Face Games will be hosting Nats from June 29 – July 1 over the long weekend. Come down early and make a weekend of it! We’ll also be hosting a slew of side events including a 5k Modern FacetoFaceGames.com Open+, a Legacy Eternal Weekend Trial and a Legacy Showdown on the Sunday. Get all the information here.

First Place: Rood, Pite and Macdonald

David Rood – Mono-Red Aggro

Derek Pite – U/B Midrange

Dan Macdonald – G/W Angels

Second Place: Fortini, Bova and Dempsey

Joe Fortini – Mono-Green Stompy

Justin Bova – B/R Midrange

Brandon Dempsey – U/W Control

Third Place: Ragsdale, Burnett and Archdekin

Adam Ragsdale – Mono-Red Aggro

Kai Burnett – U/W Control

Jamie Archdekin – U/B Midrange

Fourth Place: Demars, Nikolai and Parnes

Brian Demars – Mono-Red Aggro

Matthew Nickolai – U/W Control

Stuart Barnes – U/B Midrange